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10 Drugs that Rekindle Sex Drive

The use of drugs can make you feel less interested in having sex. Here are the 10 drugs that reduce sex desire.

Snr By Himanshu Sharma / Jun 04, 2014

Drugs that are Libido Killers

There are endless reasons for a waning sex drive; one of them is the use of drugs. Yes, if you're feeling less interested in having sex, the reason behind it could be the medications you are on. It is time that you talk to your doctor about the prescriptions that he has been handing over to you. (Image source:Getty)

Anti-anxiety drugs

There is scientific evidence to suggest that anti-anxiety drugs can reduce your sex drive. The medication might calm your anxious nerves but you may not simultaneously lose interest in sex. (Image source:Getty)

Drugs for Baldness

There are several drugs in the market that treat baldness and prevent hair loss in men. These drugs reduce dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the most potent male hormone related to libido. Even after testosterone therapy, sexual health may not be restored. (Image source:Getty)

Beta blockers

Beta blockers can help you keep heart healthy by lowering blood pressure. But, they can take away your sex life. There are certain beta blockers which can decrease libido significantly. (Image source:Getty)

Serotonin reuptake inhibitors

Serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) help improve mood by raising serotonin levels, but they can affect one’s sex drive too. Active lifestyle and exercises can help you keep up your performance in the bedroom. (Image source:Getty)

Tricyclic antidepressants

Tricyclic antidepressants aren't often used for treating depression, but some doctors do still prescribe them and not SSRIs to patients with depression. These anti-depressant drugs can decrease libido. Try switching drugs or ask your health care provider to adjust the dosage. (Image source:Getty)

Birth control pills

Birth control pills can affect sex drive; they can either increase or decrease your interest in sex. Oral contraceptives can lower levels of sex hormones including testosterone. Non-hormonal contraceptives such as an IUDs and condoms are some methods that do not interfere with sexual desire. (Image source:Getty)


Certain over-the-counter antihistamines may help treat your allergies, but they can also affect your love life. One of the safer ways of consuming them is combining them with cough-and-cold medicines. (Image source:Getty)


Marijuana that is approved for use in treatment of medical conditions can have a negative impact on libido. It can also affect the ability to perform. If you use marijuana and are having problems getting yourself sexually aroused, it is advised that you talk with a healthcare provider. (Image source:Getty)

Anti-seizure drugs

Anti-seizure drugs can reduce one’s sexual desire. These can dampen nerve impulses and reduce pleasurable sensations. In other words, the things that used to stimulate you once may just not do it for you anymore. You should ask your doctor about an alternative medication if you suspect that an anti-seizure drug is affecting your libido. (Image source:Getty)


Opioid medications can alleviate pain but can have negative impact on sex drive at the same time. They have been known to lower testosterone in men, the hormone that affects libido. (Image source:Getty)


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