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10 Diet Mistakes Women Make

Diet can be a difficult thing to manage and master. Considering that nutrition is an essential part of health and wellness, women must know the dieting traps they are most likely to fall for.

Weight Management By Himanshu Sharma / Apr 29, 2015

Skipping Breakfast

We’re all aware of the importance of breakfast, but it remains to be one of the most common diet mistakes. Just make it a habit to wake up early and refuel your body that is running low on nutrients after a prolonged 7-8 hours of sleep. Otherwise, the body will start to break  down muscle for energy and throw your metabolism on the backseat.

Eating too Little

Many women believe that eating less is their ticket to getting fit. On the contrary, it is only troublesome. You need nutritious meals thrice a day to be healthy or to even be fit. Eating less can lead to loss of energy and overeating.

Lack of Consistency

You are not eating right if you are making healthy choices but not being consistent. It is the first important thing when it comes to diet to really make it work. Ensure that you follow your diet schedule religiously.

Eating Out Often

Some people feel that a tight schedule makes them eat out often while others blame their active social life for it. Eating out makes you loose control over your food intake and also triggers excessive sugar and salt intake.

Crash Diets

Crash diets have been touted as the perfect weight loss solution for years now. Most of these plans keep women in the dark about sustainable healthy eating habits. Once they start to follow a crash diet, they lose control of their diet. There is no shortcut to weight loss or healthy being.

Falling for Unhealthy Food

Advertisements and promotions of packaged foods catch everyone’s eyes. Not all of these products fulfil the advertised promises and are often the reasons for one's health going haywire.

Eating according to the Weight

Women are obsessed with numbers! They prioritise the number on a weighing scale rather than concentrating on their overall health. If they see any increase in the number, they tend to restrict the diet.

Emotional Eating

Many of us eat because we're happy, sad, angry, bored, stressed or anxious. Emotional eating or relating food to different moods often leads to unmeasured eating. Moreover, you are only piling on more calories.

Skipping the Workout

Diet alone can’t keep your body and mind in the best shape. Unfortunately, most women tend to skip exercise and focus on healthy eating alone. Not making time for exercise is (in a way) a common diet mistake. Diet goes hand-in-hand with exercise.

Not Sleeping Enough

Lack of sleep affects diet and nutrition. Sleeping burns calories and if you are not sleeping well, you may not be burning the calories that you consumed. Moreover, sleep deprivation influences cortisol levels in the body and makes you crave food, thus spoiling your diet routine.



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