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10-Day Plan to Get You Looking and Feeling Your Summer Best!

Want to feel as fit and cool this summer as you feel during the winters? This 10 day long magic plan can effectively make you feel a lot better this summer.

Fashion & Beauty By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Jun 11, 2014

The Plan

If you think you need to get fitter and cooler during this summer, this 10 day plan if the right thing for you. Just drink plenty of water, eat a healthy diet and follow this plan to get the desire results. Image Courtesy: Getty

Day 1

Start with a total body workout with exercises like squats, pushups, single-leg jackknives, lunges, and mountain climbers. Perform all exercises one after another for a minute each with breaks of as less as 20 seconds. Perform the circuit for around 7 times. Image Courtesy: Getty

Day 2

You must be feeling the after-effects of the first day on your body. Day two should be reserved for rest and ample sleep. It is important to sleep for at least 8 hours every day after day one as your body repairs itself best during sleep. Image Courtesy: Getty

Day 3

Dedicate the third day to your abdominal muscles. Perform a circuit of exercises like leg drops, crunches, planks, ab tilters and roller. Make sure you again take only short breaks of just 20 seconds and repeat the circuit for five times while performing every exercise for a couple of minutes. Image Courtesy: Getty

Day 4

Day four once again should be used to get rest. However it is also the right time to make some changes to your lifestyle. If you are into smoking or drinking and haven't quit them yet since day one of this program, you better do it now. Otherwise it may take a toll on the final results. Image Courtesy: Getty

Day 5

Now it's time for the glute. Perform a circuit of exercises like squats, star jumps, lifts, kicks and lunges. Perform the circuit for 6-7 times while dedicated one minute to every exercise with breaks of only 20 seconds each. Image Courtesy: Getty

Day 6

The sixth day of the program should be used to rest once again however keep yourself active when you aren't resting. It is also the best time to relax your mind and body through meditation, if you haven't already started it. Image Courtesy: Getty

Day 7

Your arms need special attention and day four should be for your arms. It's time to start your day with a circuit specially designed for the arms including exercises like pushups, triceps dips, inverted shoulder presses, side planks and forearm pushup presses. Perform each exercise for a minute with breaks of 20 seconds each. Image Courtesy: Getty

Day 8

Spend your day cooling off while performing light activities. Enjoy some chilling drinks you like most however avoid too much sugar or artificial sweeteners. Prefer healthy and refreshing natural drinks. Also make sure that you check your muscles for any injuries or pain caused during the program. Take good care of a muscle that hurts. Image Courtesy: Getty

Day 9

Now that you have done your abs and arms, it's time to give your legs the much needed workout. Day 5 is for the legs with a circuit comprising of exercises like warrior squats, high knees, bowler hops, knee pulls and leg-swinger planks. Perform the circuit for 7 times with very small breaks. Image Courtesy: Getty

Day 10

It's time to analyze what you have achieved so far. If you feel better on the tenth day, you can plan to repeat it once again after a week or two. Moreover, continue following the healthy diet and lifestyle changes. Image Courtesy: Getty


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