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10 Common Habits that Damage Kidneys

Many of us do not properly care for the kidneys and our habits harm our kidneys. Know what are such habits.

Kidney Diseases By Himanshu Sharma / May 16, 2014

The Kidneys and How They Work

The kidneys are important body organs; they perform several essential functions to keep the body working properly. The kidneys take care of the urination process in our bodies by filtering body waste. Many of us do not properly care for the kidneys and our habits harm our kidneys. Know what are such habits. (Image source:Getty)

Drinking inadequate water

The primary function of our kidneys is to drain metabolic waste from the body. Not drinking enough water is the biggest reason behind kidney damage. You need to stay hydrated to regulate erythrocyte balances and if you don’t, toxins accumulate in the blood.

Full bladder for long

If we delay the call of nature or leave the bladder full of urine for long, several complications in urinary tract may arise. Hydronephrosis (increase of urine pressure in kidneys) is one complication, which leads to renal impairment. Urinary incontinence is another consequence of the habit.

Excess sodium

Another key function of our kidneys besides draining metabolic wastes is metabolizing the sodium we consume. When excessive salt (sodium source) is consumed, the kidneys are continuously engaged in excreting sodium. This may cause long term stress on our kidneys.

Caffeine and sodas

To quench our thirst, we often pick beverages other than water like soft drinks and sodas. Many of these beverages contain caffeine, which can elevate blood pressure. Too much of caffeine puts strain on the kidneys which can damage them.

Pain-killer abuse

Taking pain-killers every now and then can take a toll on your kidneys. Do not take them for a low-grade pain as they have severe side effects and can damage different organs. Studies suggest that taking pain pills reduces blood flow and deteriorates kidney’s function.

Too much protein

Protein when eaten in excess can negatively affect your health in many ways; one of them is deteriorating kidneys condition. Over-consumption of red meat and other protein-rich foods increase the metabolic load on our kidneys.

Ignoring colds and flu

Cold and flu are often overlooked and not taken for a serious health concern. Studies have found that those who have kidney disease also have a history of avoiding rest while sick. Moreover, those ailing with kidney disease are found to be more sensitive to significant changes in weather.

Alcohol abuse

When we drink alcohol, we don’t realise the right quantity or moderate amount suitable for good health. Too much alcoholic intake is a kidney-damaging habit, as it contains toxins which put stress on our kidneys.

Not exercising

You must engage in some kind of a physical activity to keep your kidneys healthy. Implement a program of regular exercise; it will help lower your blood pressure and prevent diabetes, heart disease and kidney failure.

Not having control over eating

You need to watch out for foods and how eating can harm your health. Limit your intake of high fat foods and sweets. Include healthy snacks, raw fruits and vegetables in your eating plan. Whole grains, lean meats and skinned poultry and non-fat dairy products should be preferred.


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