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10 common food combinations that wreak havoc on your health

Here are 10 food combos that might be mighty tasty for you, but can be very bad for your body.

Exercise & Fitness By Bhadra Kamalasanan / Mar 17, 2014

The Combination Factor

Food is the most commonly broached topic worldwide and there are lots of grandma tips that do the rounds. And a lot of these tips circumscribe food combinations and their “many” supposed benefits to health. Surprisingly, some of these tips can worsen your already diminishing health scale. So, are you ready to run a test on some of the food combinations that you have been living on? Let’s get started.

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Fruits after a Meal

Believe us when we say you are making a grave mistake by consuming fruits after your meals. A lot of natural hygienists say that fruits do not go well with other foods because they contain simple sugars that do not require to be digested. On the other hands, foods that have protein, fat and starch stay in the stomach for a longer duration and require a complex process sod digestion to be digested. When you consume a fruit after a meal, the sugar present in the fruit stays for longer in the stomach and ferment.

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Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A food combination of protein and starch inhibits the salivary digestion of starch. This is because protein and starch need different enzymes as well as different levels of acidity to get digested. So, when they are eaten together, the body has to make a choice between digesting protein and not the starch and undigested starch goes through fermentation and decomposition, leading to the formation of poisonous end-products.

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Cheese and Meat Omelette

A combination of two proteins i.e. protein combinations is usually not recommended because it takes more time and energy to get digested. Just one concentrated protein at a time would be easier for the body to digest.

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Tomato and Cheese Pasta Sauce

Tomatoes are acidic in nature and are not to be mixed with starchy carbs that are present in foods like pasta. Scientists and experts have it that carbs must not be mixed with acids and one adds a dairy product to this already dangerous combination, there is a high risk of developing digestive problems as well as post meal fatigue because the body takes up a lot of energy to digest the heavy meal.

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Cereal with Milk and Orange Juice

Acids that are present in citrus fruits like orange juice kill the enzymes that are responsible for digesting starch that is present in cereal. Besides, acidic fruits can transform milk into a mucus-forming substance making one feel nauseous.

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Yoghurt with Fruit

Mixing sour fruits with yoghurt diminishes the ability of the body to digest food. In fact, it changes the intestinal flora, produces lots of toxins and leads to cold, cough, sinus congestion and allergies.

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Bananas and Milk

Banana milk shakes in summers are our favourite, but Ayurveda says that it is the most toxin-forming combination of all foods. It apparently makes the body feel heavy and slows the mind down. If you must have a banana smoothie, makes sure that the banana is ripe and add some digestion-stimulant in the mixture to be on the safer side.

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Lemon Dressing on Cucumber

You must not add lemon to potatoes, eggplant, chillies, tomatoes and cucumber or vice-versa because they do not go along with each other.

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Melon and Ham

Melons must not be eaten with anything. They should be eaten alone. And this rule applies to all those fruits that are high in sugar. Generally, experts advise eating fruits separately from proteins or starches, especially if one is looking for a quick energy boost.

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Beans and Cheese

Beans are said to be a major cause of gas and bloating, but it is usually not the beans alone that is causing the problem, but the whole combination. Try to skip cheese if you want all the nutrients present in the bean.

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