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10 Biggest workout mistakes made by men

They say if you have to lose fat and be fit, you need to maintain a consistent workout regime. But, what if you practice a workout mistake over and over?

Exercise & Fitness By Himanshu Sharma / Mar 08, 2015

Workout Mistakes Men Make

Anyone can fall into bad workout habits. If you don’t find yourself on course with your fitness goal or suspect something has been sabotaging the results, there is a high possibility that you might be doing something wrong. It is recommended that you re-evaluate your approach to get back on track.


Work on One Goal Specifically

Focusing too narrowly on one goal is one of the blunders men make at the gym. When it comes to working out, they exercise only to get flat stomach or build biceps. Exercising just one body part can lead to problems. When designing your workout plan, ensure you work out all parts of your body equally.


The Wrong Weights/Not Enough Reps

When you are working with weights, the amount of weight you use and the number of reps you complete is important. When you lift too heavy, you are quite likely to struggle completing a set or find yourself pushing harder. Increasing the number of reps and using a lighter weight will serve you better.


Ignore Exercise Form

Without proper form, all exercises are a complete waste of time. It is better to know the proper techniques of the exercises you might be interested in or ask your trainer to help you exercise the right way.


Not Listening to your Body

When we workout, we tend to overlook what our body is telling us something. And when we lose that capability to be attentive to the changes in our body and the reactions it gives, we may not get the workout results we want. We end up feeling tired, experience recurring headaches and other problems that may impede fitness goals.


Skip Stretching

Stretching is a part of workout; you should always start a session and end a session with it. When you stretch the right way, it makes muscles feel better and help them grow even stronger.


Not Enough Rest

Most men don’t realise that not allowing the muscles sufficient time to rest is doing the body more harm than good. Constant exercise simply makes you feel tired and when you are not feeling your best, tendency to skip workouts is high.


Expect Immediate Results

We want instant gratification! Expecting too much too fast is another common workout mistake men make. When we don’t see quick results (say in a week), we see it as ‘something wrong’. It can frustrate people and make them stop exercising altogether. Realise that exercise can take up time before you start to see the results.


Doing What you Don’t Like

Not often do men go for the exercises they like, but those that seem effective. It’s okay to try different things at the gym, but an activity you enjoy is more likely to be effective than others. You must always have a fitness routine that you enjoy and make a few changes in it to make it work for you.


Exercise on an Empty Stomach

Working out on an empty stomach zaps your energy and sabotages your efforts. Always give your body the fuel it needs for a workout. If you work out early in the morning, grab a quick snack such as a banana before exercising.


Overcompensate with Calories Afterward

Many men have the tendency to eat back the calories burnt during their workout soon after. And, all is undone in no time. Make sure you always eat a pre-workout snack and a post-workout snack that is low in calories.



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