10 Best Teas for Weight Loss

Sep 24, 2014

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    Teas can Make you Slim

    If there is one drink in India that you can't live without, it has to be tea. Tea is a part of our lives; we enjoy a cup of tea in company of our mates and family; in short, everybody. Surprisingly, there are some teas that are known to help us shed unwanted pounds. Forget all the diet and exercise advice and consider sipping on tea for weight loss. (Image source:Gettyimages)

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    Green Tea

    Green tea is always known as a fat-burner. Over the years, several studies have confirmed that green tea has the power to rev your fat-fighting metabolism. Green tea also increases the level of antioxidants such as catechins, which also have some part in boosting metabolism and burning fat. (Image source:Gettyimages)

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    Peppermint Tea

    This tea can help you get those extra pounds off by controlling what you eat. You can drink green and peppermint team in rotation as both of them speed-up digestion to burn more calories. (Image source:Gettyimages)

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    Anise Tea

    Anise is known to promote digestion and help in treating digestive troubles such an upset stomach, diarrhoea, nausea etc. Similarly, anise is an excellent fat-burner. Sip on anise tea to get slim. (Image source:Gettyimages)

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    Rose Tea

    Rose tea is a known cure for many stomach troubles. Besides its therapeutic effect on the human body, rose tea can catalyse one’s weight loss efforts. Moreover, the tea gives you vitamins A, B3, C, D and E. (Image source:Gettyimages)

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    Oolong Tea

    Oolong, a semi-fermented tea, is believed to be as good as green tea for weight loss. Not only does it promotes fat burning process, but it can also help to reduce cholesterol and the concentration of fat in the body. (Image source:Gettyimages)

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    Bilberry Tea

    Sipping on bilberry tea can help one in weight management as it can help balance the body’s sugar levels. Keeping a check on your food cravings help to reduce food cravings, making one eat less. Besides, bilberry tea also helps to cleanse the digestive tract from impurities, fats and extra foods. (Image source:Gettyimages)

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    Hibiscus Tea

    Hibiscus tea, a herbal tea made as an infusion from crimson or roselle, is long been known in traditional medicine. The tea contains minerals and flavonoids which can help one reduce the absorption of fats in the body. (Image source:Gettyimages)

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    Chickweed Tea

    Chickweed is acknowledged to eliminate water weight from the body. Studies suggest that chickweed tea can help control and curb appetite. Apart from weight loss, the tea works as an expectorant, a laxative, a tonic and a diuretic – all in one. (Image source:Gettyimages)

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    Honeybush Tea

    Honeybush tea is arguably the best substitute for regular tea. It tastes great, and is quite effective in treating digestive problems like bloating and constipation. (Image source:Gettyimages)

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    Black Tea

    Black tea, which is made from the leaves of the shrub Camellia sinensis, is more oxidised than the other versions of teas. It keeps blood sugar in control and aids in the fat-burning process. Research suggests that those who consume black tea are less likely to be obese. (Image source:Gettyimages)