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10 Best Hangover Cures

After a night of fun and frolic, if we have a hangover then it ruins the entire day. Here is how you can cure it.

Home Remedies By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Jan 16, 2014

The Morning After

After a fun filled night of whiskey, vodka and beer, it is time to deal with the aftermath. You reap what you sow and hence hangover is a certainty. You can take steps to cure your hangover in many ways, here are ten of them.

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You will find your throat dry and your body dehydrated and so the first and the best way to kick off a morning with a hangover is by drinking water. You should drink water during and after consuming alcohol so as to begin the rehydration process and to flush the alcohol out of your system.

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You might not have heard of this one, but here is the truth! Chocolate can help to cure your hangover and relieve you of symptoms of low blood sugar which you experience when drinking. Also, chocolate stimulates pleasure centers of the brain and adds to the release of chemicals dopamine and serotonin which means you can improve your emotional state when fighting a hangover.

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It gets a little difficult to eat food when suffering from a terrible hangover but eating food is very important. Food settles in your stomach and gives you energy and also absorbs the alcohol in your system. Eat foods that have starch and fructose in them as they help to burn alcohol faster.

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Getting out of bed can be painstaking, but you should get up and go to exercise. If you have been drinking heavily then you could be metabolically behind on nutrition. Therefore after you exercise you should eat well and you must drink water at regular intervals. Make sure that you also take adequate rest after exercising.

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Honey and Lemon

Make a juice out of honey, lemon and hot water and drink it. This hot beverage will replenish the fluids and sugars that you would lose to hangover and it is very important to use honey, so do not skip this bit! Drink this not once but several times in a day.

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Go Back to Sleep

Basically, drinking alcohol disrupts your sleep cycle and so the reason for your sick feeling is lack of good sleep. Therefore, you require good sleep. By sleeping for a few more hours will make you feel better and so sleep!

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Bread Toast

Carbohydrates can help to bring back the blood sugar levels back up in the morning and so you should go for toasted bread. The carbon in the charred bread acts like a filter in the body and on top of that you are also consuming carbohydrates.

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Eating apples can help you to get over your hangover. Apple contains sugar and fiber that will help you to get your blood sugar back to the right place and also the fiber will clear your system. Apple also contains plenty of water and so you also get hydrated.

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Ginger Tea

Ginger is good as it helps you to alleviate your nausea that is caused y hangovers and motion sickness. All you have to do is bring to boil water with ginger root and tea. You have a nice and hot beverage ready to cure your sickness.

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Avoid Bright Lights and Loud Music

You should wear sunglasses if you are going out in order to avoid bright lights and also loud music. The best thing to do in fact is to avoid going out if you are feeling too sick.

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