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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Dates

Dates are a common dry fruit. Did you realise you were packing on a whole lot of nutrients when you sat munching those dark coloured fruits?

Exercise & Fitness By Bhadra Kamalasanan / Mar 06, 2014

Dates for a Healthy Life

Dates are a commonly eaten dry fruit across the world. They can be cataloged in the list of the most nutritious foods that can either be freshly eaten or consumed after drying. Apparently, dry dates are known to be a natural remedy for several health-related issues. From giving a boost to your energy levels to helping you manage cholesterol, date fruits are the perfect food for your health and well-being.

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Balances Weight

Those people who are struggling with underweight problems can eat dates regularly to maintain their optimum weight. This happens with the help of protein and vitamins that are present in plenty in the dates.

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Cures Cancer

Dates have anti-cancer properties that help to kill the cancerous cells though they are not as good and effective as medication. It has been said to cure abdominal cancer most commonly compared with the other types of cancer.

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Relieves constipation

Those who have constipation can find solace in date for quick relief. Such people should take dates after soaking them in water for a few hours for better results.

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Detoxifies the Body

As long as the wastes in your body are excreted regularly, you will be protected from a variety of diseases. Dates are amazing detoxifiers and can be consumed to treat hangovers.

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Boosts Energy

For us to stay active all day long we need energy and dates can boost our energy levels almost instantly. This it does with the help of the natural sugars that it has. So, pack a few days to snack post lunch when you are half exhausted at work.

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Manages Cholesterol and Fat

Those of you who are looking forward to losing weight can opt to consume dates regularly by adding them in their diet in the form of snacks. If you take a look at the different diet plans that exist, you will find that dates are one of the most recommended dry fruits. This is because they are free of cholesterol and have minimal fat content.

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Is loaded with Iron

Dates are one of the best sources of iron and come in handy for those trying to fight iron deficiency. A lot of us end up not consuming enough iron. So, to pull up lowering iron levels, the best thing to do is to gorge on dates.Image courtesy: Getty Images

Has Sodium and Potassium for a Healthy Heart

Potassium that is densely present in dates prevents the risk of stroke and other heart problems. Besides, it helps to control and reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the body, thus preventing even the most commonly occurring heart problems. For a healthy nervous system, the body should have the ideal combination of high potassium and low sodium.Image courtesy: Getty Images

Is Dense with Proteins

Dates are a rich source of protein as well as essential minerals that work towards helping the body to function effectively. Protein is a major building block for the muscles. So, if you want those tones muscles, stock on dates.Image courtesy: Getty Images

Improves Overall Health

Dates are considered to be gold mines of vitamins. They are loaded with a range of vitamins such as vitamin A, C, E, K, B2, B6, thiamin and niacin. These vitamins are crucial for our overall wellness and therefore, consuming dates regularly can keep the system working effectively.Image courtesy: Getty Images


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