Health Risks of Cosmetic Surgery

Updated at: Jun 15, 2011
Health Risks of Cosmetic Surgery

Know about the risks of cosmetic before you decide.

Pratima Sharma
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Pratima SharmaPublished at: Jun 15, 2011


Today’s generation has been readily resorting to plastic surgery in a bid to reconstruct their physical appearance as per their coveted desires. Body surgeries have been providing readymade solutions for imperfect facial features, obesity and visual deformities. Although, continual scientific developments and innovations have metamorphosed plastic surgery into a relatively safe and sound process when compared to what it was 5-10 years back, patients could still encounter some potential health risks as a result of undertaking surgical procedures such as these.


Potential health risks can only be avoided if you have a capable plastic surgeon who knows his profession extremely well. He should be a certified surgeon and should ideally possess a professional tie up agreement with an established medical institution, ensuring great infrastructural support. If you have been suffering from pre-existing illnesses, he should be able to suggest remedies and treatments for the same before embarking upon the surgery. He should be able to judge if a cosmetic surgery would prove to be absolutely safe for you or not and should advise you against it, in the event of the slightest doubt.


Associated Risks


Despite the best of efforts, you might need to battle some common cosmetic surgery health risks, should you wish to go under the knife for transforming your physical appearance. Some of the most common health risks of cosmetic surgery are listed below:


  • Bleeding: Excessive bleeding could be one of the most common cosmetic surgery health risks. Complications may occur in the form of blood clotting or haematoma. Normally, the skin might become a little sore and purplish in colour due to haematoma, but the problem is known to recede slowly and steadily. However, major haematoma can cause the compression of skin tissues, creating an obstruction of oxygen flow, which results in numbness and can even lead to skin death. Sometimes, tissue fluids can also get accumulated under the skin, instead of blood. This is caused especially when large amounts of tissues are removed during surgery.
  • Scars: Scarring is a common aftermath of cosmetic surgical procedures. These are caused when the edge of the skin thickens and granular tissue is formed. Most experienced surgeons should be able to hide scars and they will be least visible, if at all. Therefore, you need to check for visible scars, which can completely mar your look.
  • Necrosis: Necrosis is the death of tissues due to lack of enough oxygen in the operated area. This can occur, post procedures such as tummy tucks, breast reductions and facelifts and is indeed a health risk of cosmetic surgery.
  • Damaged Nerves: The health risks of cosmetic surgery could be associated with damaged nerves. Nerve damages can sometimes take up to one year for complete healing and cure. It is the most common after effect of surgical jobs such as facelifts.
  • Anaesthesia Reaction: Though mostly rare, some patients are liable to react adversely to the anaesthesia which is administered during the operative procedure. This depends on the current state of health of the patient and also on the seriousness of the surgery.


Cosmetic surgery health risks can sometimes prove to be extremely serious. You need to entrust your faith in safe hands; for a safe surgery and a speedy recovery.


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