Health Benefits of Kissing

Sep 02, 2011

Quick Bites:

Couple kissingEver thought what makes you enjoy kissing? After all the passionate lip-lock is only two people plastering each other with their saliva while taking in good or bad breath; to take a really bland view of it. Some women would even say that it is more satisfying than intercourse. The deep intimacy felt with your partner at the time of kissing is what women look for and even men. There is a science behind such romantic sentiments. Kissing releases endorphins and oxytocin in our bodies that make us feel happy and attached to our partner.

One of the first things to be adversely affected after couples start to go apart in their relationship is kissing. Surveys conducted on these issues have yielded results that confirm this. The passion in a relationship is bound to dim at some point of time and the first noteworthy aspect of it would be that you feel “too busy” to kiss. That is why it was advised that to rekindle the lost passions, couples should make out more often. It can be an ideal remedy for couples facing a relationship problem. Getting back to kissing daily would make the couple relive their passionate days of initial romance to add to the healthy biochemical reaction in the body.


Why men love to kiss as much as women

  • Men want to get a feel of their loved one, touch their face, feel their lips and also smell her. It gives them an excuse for getting a feel of the feminine softness of their partner.
  • Men get an ego surge when their partner kisses them. It is as if they cannot believe their luck that their attractive mate is still hooked to them.
  • An engaging smooch ignites the lost passion in men. They go from feeling like any it is other day to being completely aroused for sex.
  • Being physically close to the mate has a direct bearing on being emotionally intimate. When men feel the breath of their wife, it makes them feel more attuned to her feelings and sensibilities. This togetherness brought about by fervent lip-lock brings about more passion in the sex.

You should experiment with kissing if it seems that your marriage has come to a dead end. Try public display of affection by making out in the open, stick to kissing without sex for a week, experiment with your kissing style and in short do anything when in lip-lock to arouse passion. You just might hit upon the best way to rekindle lost passion and relive your romance all over again.


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