HCG Diet Plan

Updated at: Feb 09, 2012
HCG Diet Plan

Over the years, HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) diet plan has grown substantially in popularity mainly due to experience of the beneficiaries. The affordable and safe diet plan has been rendering several benefits to the users around the worl

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Diet plan

If you are thinking of losing weight, do not waste time trying out different diet fads that may or may not work. Rather, go for HCG diet plan program which is tried and tested technique to lose weight. HCG, abbreviated form of human chorionic gonadotrophic, is a natural hormone found in pregnant and lactating women. Working on the principle of HCG mobilising the fat stored in woman's body, the hormone is used for converting fat into energy for use.

Working of HCG diet plan is simple once you get acquainted with it. Millions have been benefitted after following an appropriate plan. On the other hand, HCG plan becomes ineffective when followed incorrectly.

The General Perception

The general perception of HCG diet plan is it is unsafe, which is why target customers remain hesitant towards this weight loss solution. However, HCG diet plan is prescribed as completely safe across the globe. Immense benefits of the HCG diet plan programme outnumber its minimal complications, benefitting millions across the globe.

One of the most tested and medically proven diet plan of recent times, HCG is recommended by physicians and medical experts to the patients who desire becoming healthy by reducing weight. In most of the results, people have lost 20-30 pounds of unnecessary fat after a single treatment of the plan.


Phases of HCG program

HCG program comprises of three phases, namely Loading, Maintenance and Stabilization. The first phase of the HCG diet plan revolves around the HCG product consumption. These products are recommended by physicians after supervision of patient’s condition. According to anecdotal evidence, these help in restricting hunger and managing fat storage.

The second phase of the diet plan is maintaining a low calorie diet. Often referred as ‘500 calorie diet’, the foods in for this phase should be chosen carefully. Adhering to the diet plan implies that one must avoid fat-rich foodstuffs.


Other important aspects

• Drink as much water as possible: As water helps in removing toxins from the body, drinking ample volume of water is recommended and remain hydrated.

• Physical Activity: Getting engaged in physical activity is crucial during the loading phase. A patient must walk for at least an hour a day, which prepares body for rigorous phase of the diet.

Eating Healthy: One must make careful choices of food intake for staying healing during weight loss exercise. For example, having an apple and breadfruit in the initial phase is recommended as it has dual benefits of helping to lose weight and meeting health specifications.

Losing weight is never an easy task, so it is important to remain in a positive frame of mind and stay motivated for enjoying the desired benefits of HCG diet plan. Initially, the plan may seem easy but staying in tandem with HCG diet plan programme is the only way to attain the expected results or more.


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