Having an oily skin can have benefits too!

Sep 07, 2015

Quick Bites:
  • An oily skin has excess sebum and so is beneficial.
  • It bolsters the effect of SPF.
  • Excess oil prevent damage from environmental pollutants.
  • It becomes easier to keep the glow intact for an oily skin.

Oily skin always gets a bad name. From giving unsightly shine to breakouts, it's the type of skin that is perceived to be the worst. If you have an oily skin, grass will seem greener on the other side. However, it isn’t the case and you shouldn’t consider it bad to have an oily skin. There are in fact, quite a few benefits of having oily skin.


oily skin benefits


The first line of defence

Skin is the largest organ of the human body and is also the layer that keeps you away from many environmental pollutants and microorganisms. Skin produces sebum which acts as a force to aid essential nutrient supply to various body parts. An oily skin has excess sebum and so is beneficial.


Sun-damage protection

Sunscreen is a must to keep skin from sun damage. Having an oily skin works in your favour and bolsters the effect of SPF. You are less likely to experience sunburn because of that extra oil on your skin. If you are worried about pore clogging, go for sunscreens that are a little lighter in density (don’t take it for lower SPF).


Easy to keep the glow

If you have an oily skin, don’t see it as gross and greasy. If it is properly managed, it becomes easier to keep the glow intact.


Slow ageing

We all want to stay young. And youthfulness lasts longer if you have an oily skin; so, consider oily skin as a blessing. The excess oil prevents much of the damage that environmental pollutants, UV rays and other stressors are capable of causing to your skin.


Skin hydration

When you workout, an oily skin discourages the formation and loss of sweat drops from the skin. When you lose less moisture through evaporation, you stay hydrated for long.


Consider the aforementioned benefits of oily skin if you have been shunning your skin’s type too much lately. Show the sebum some gratitude.




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