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Have a happy and healthy skin this summer

Updated at: May 16, 2016
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Written by: Rayesha HassanPublished at: Feb 04, 2011
Have a happy and healthy skin this summer

Our skin bears a lot-dust, dirt, pollution, excessive makeup, rigorous scrubbing and heat. The poor organ is all the more damaged duing the harsh sunny days of summers. Spare your skin the horror by using our tips to a happpy, healthy skin.

Our skin is one part of the body which is adversely affected by the weather conditions.  Factors that determine the health of our skin are humidity, temperature and intensity of sunlight.  Heat, wind, dust and excessive sun exposure can easily damage its delicate cells and pores.  We are all have common skin problems during summers. Here are some remedies and precautions to face the season with a healthy and happy skin. 

Healthy skin during summers


Sunburn or tan

Facial surgeries or cosmetic treatment in the form of lasers, peels, dermabrasion, specific protection from sun exposure is needed to reduce of hyper pigmentation.  This is achieved by application of sun protection creams (SPF 30 and more) and needs to be re-applied every 1 ½ hours," says Dr Sajal Halder, consultant, Moolchand Centre for Cosmetic Surgery.

"To prevent sunburns use sunscreen lotion of SPF 30 for normal skin and of SPF 45 for light skin whenever exposed to sun. Apply any cream containing Vitamin E on the affected areas," says Dr. Gulshant Panesar, dermatologist.  


Prickly heat

Small babies, children and the elderly are the most affected due to prickly heat.  "Apply medicated talcum powder and keep the area dry and clean.  To prevent heat rashes, always keep the affected area cool, do not expose yourself to direct sunlight, avoid using oil-based creams and lotions. " says Dr. Gulshant.



This occurs due to the abnormal reaction of the skin with the exposure to sun.

Application of adequate ointment is particularly useful in such conditions.  Make sure to cover the exposed areas of the skin with cloth gloves, mask, cap and similar protective measures to avoid  allergy reaction.  Harsh smelly deodorants, local and fragrant cosmetics should be avoided.  


Sweating feet odour 

Generally people forget to take care of feet and hands, which also might be affected due to  summer sweat. One may use prescribed anti-perspirants to avoid the odour. Wear loose clothes and avoid synthetic fibres such as lycra and nylon.  Use branded deodorants which are not very fragrant sparingly.  If you have excessive feet sweating, change your socks twice a day and use an absorbent foot powder. 


Pimples or acne

Apart from lifestyle moderation, acne/pimples can be cured by unclogging the pores,  killing the bacteria and minimizing the oil.  If you are regularly having eight hours of sleep, three good meals and eight glasses of water a day, you can  control your acne even if your routine is unpredictable.  



As a precautionary measure, one should use a good sun screen lotions or creams, with SPF 15 or above in addition to the physical protection.  Cover yourself while going out in sun, use hats, umbrellas, goggles, if possible.  Rashes or Fungal infections  One should wear dry clothes, avoid moisture in folds and use normal powder to avoid any infection.  As summer rash leads to problems with the normal pigmentation process and discolored spots often occur.

To prevent sunburns use sunscreen lotion of SPF 30 for normal skin and of SPF 45 for light skin whenever exposed to sun. Summer tipso  Whenever you are getting exposed to sun, apply a sun block cream, as it is the primary cause of premature aging.  


o  Choose cosmetic products with a careful check on its ingredients as everyone's skin type is different.  

o  Washing the face twice a day is sufficient.  Too much of washing strips oil and moisture from your skin.

o  Do not smoke as it contains nicotine and cause your skin to age prematurely.  

o  Keep all the body parts clean and dry.  Wash hair on alternate days with a good quality mild shampoo.

o  Keep skin folds and the area between your toes as dry as possible.

o  Avoid frequent use of  perming, heating, blow drying, bleaching, coloring as it will deter the quality of your hair.

o  Get enough sleep.  Most of the body's repair and rejuvenation occurs while you sleep.



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