Try these hatha yoga poses for a healthy body

Updated at: May 26, 2018
Try these hatha yoga poses for a healthy body

Hatha yoga poses help to attain balance between body and mind. If practiced regularly, hatha yoga is best solution for healthy living.

Pratima Sharma
YogaWritten by: Pratima SharmaPublished at: Oct 13, 2017

Health and stress related concerns seem to have found their best solution: the Hatha yoga poses. These poses have surpassed all the diversity in human race and have come a long way by inviting people from across the globe to benefit from holistic healing it offers. The Hatha Yoga poses need to be mandatorily practiced everyday in a peaceful ambience for about 10-20 minutes each. The major principles of Hatha Yoga include:

  • Poses or asanas.
  • Breathing.




Some of the Hatha Yoga Poses

  • Tadasana or the mountain pose: This pose helps to improve one’s posture, strengthen thighs and relieve one from back pain.
  • Gomukhasana or the head of a cow pose: This pose is particularly for the hips and hamstrings. It helps to tone them and may reduce back pain to some extent.
  • Bhujangasana or the cobra pose: This pose is for the knees, chest and chin. It provides the basic flexibility for preventing pain.
  • Trikonasana Yoga or the human triangle pose: This pose involves stretching of the waist, encourages breathing and builds confidence in the practitioner.
  • Shavasana or the corpse pose: The shavasana yoga is one of the most dramatic poses of Hatha Yoga that helps to refresh and rejuvenate the mind of the practitioner.


How to start Hatha Yoga or a Hatha Yoga pose?

The Hatha Yoga starts with a salute to the sun. The salute itself consists of a variety of 12 Hatha yoga poses that must be performed in coordination with one’s breathing. Prior to starting Hatha yoga, one should have mastered the basic practice of yoga, which includes concentration and a control over breathing. As few expert practitioners might consider saluting the sun non-mandatory, it is desirable for beginners as it helps to rejuvenate the mind. The salute includes the major poses described above along with many others, like:

  • Urdhva Hastasana or upward hand pose: This involves lifting of hands upwards slowly while breathing, directly overhead, pushing from the waist and looking towards the sky thereby greeting the sun followed by arching the back as much as one feels comfortable.
  • Uttanasana or standing forward bend: This pose involves leaning forward with the hands bent forward while exhaling as you have lowered you head. While doing this you must keep your back straight and bend the knees.
  • Lunge: This pose involves placing the hands on the floor, moving the right foot in front of the hands, extending the left leg backwards, and lowering the knees. You should inhale as you move your left leg backwards and arch your back to look into the sky.
  • Plank pose:This yoga asana involves exhaling, stepping back, and raising your hips while keeping your head down towards the feet.
  • Urdhvamuktasvan asana or upward-facing dog pose: This yoga posture involves inhaling, stretching forward, using the arms to lift your torso, pulling the shoulders back and opening the chest to look up to the sky.
  • Adhomukhasvan asana or downward facing dog pose: This yoga pose involves exhaling, raising your hips and buttocks, lengthening the spine, arching the back and looking up to the sky.

Hatha Yoga, when practiced on a regular basis, sets a solution for a healthy living of mind as well the body.


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