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Hatha yoga: A complete guide to different styles of yoga!

Yoga By Pratima Sharma , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Sep 01, 2017
Hatha yoga: A complete guide to different styles of yoga!

Hatha yoga aims at helping an individual achieve complete attachment with her/his mind and body. The various postures of Hatha yoga are meant for better concentration, health and over all wellnes

Hatha yoga has been immensely popular in the West more than any other part of the world. It refers to the union of pairs of opposite sexes, which is why it requires intense physical exertion. The best time to practice hatha yoga is morning but if that is difficult, look for a particular period of time that you will be free in everyday, so you do not have to practice it in fluctuating time periods. Before practicing hatha yoga, a perfect ambience must also be defined. For instance, wood flooring works the best.woman doing yoga

What to keep in mind before/while doing hatha yoga? 

Hatha yoga has predefined the process of body as well as mind purification into six different parts, which are practiced while doing the yoga. Before stepping forward with the postures and breathing exercises of hatha yoga, you must make sure of the following criterions:

  • You must be comfortable while doing any particular hatha yoga posture for a prolonged period to know what best suits your body. It is regretful to exert extra pressure if certain postures are difficult to practice in the beginning. This can invite muscle tear or pain in the body.
  • Once you have mastered the various postures, you must ensure that you make the optimum use of the mastery to foster health as well as energy to the body and mind by opening the nadis

What kind of hatha yoga posture to pursue?

Hatha yoga postures have been divided into 5 different parts

Siksana krama hatha yoga

The siksana krama hatha yoga aims to make the practitioner perfect in the various asanas and lead her/him to a new level of development from the pranayama exercises to one that will help them control the bandhas and other major tools of yoga.

Rakshana krama hatha yoga

Rakshana krama hatha yoga is primarily for the health conscious. The main objective of this yoga is to help the practitioner stay healthy and maintain it for as long as s/he continues the yoga. Relaxation circumscribes the success of this yoga.

Chikitsa krama hatha yoga

Chikitsa or therapy is the process of healing; therefore, chikitsa krama hatha yoga helps an individual regain or maintain a balance of her/his physical, emotional and spiritual self.

Adhyatmika krama hatha yoga

Adhyatmika krama hatha yoga can prove to be the best hatha yoga exercise for householders who wish to be more spiritually inclined. This yoga has the ability to help the individual connect and communicate with her/his spiritual identity.

Shakti krama hatha yoga

Shakti krama hatha yoga helps individuals boost their strength and power, both physically and as well as mentally. 

The diversity of the above stated hatha yoga postures does not necessarily imply that the practitioner has to stick to any one of them. An individual can combine all of them for a greater degree of attachment to the mind as well as the body. However, all that hatha yoga demands is time and motivation and the benefits of hatha yoga are for all to witness.

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