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Style those Unruly Curls with these 4 Trending Hairstyles

Style those Unruly Curls with these 4 Trending Hairstyles

Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Women with curly hair often find it difficult to get the perfect hairstyle that can go beyond their everyday look. If your hair is naturally curly then they may require extended time to style them.

Regrettably, it becomes extremely difficult to manage curly hair during monsoons because of humidity. Managing curly hair is not that difficult if you choose the right technique and most importantly, the right hair style.

Pin Curls

Pin curl is a popular hair style for curly hair. This can be done either around the temple, forehead or all over the head. To get the pin curls:

  • slightly moisten your hair.
  • comb out any tangles.
  • Using a rat-tail comb section your hair in one-inch sections. Wrap the sectioned hair around your  finger while holding your finger close to the head. Then, slip the pin curl off your finger and put bobby pin to secure the curl.
  • To secure the curl you might however, need two bobby pins placed in an 'x' position i.e. one above the other. 
  • Continue doing the pin curl part untill you've curled all your hair.
  • Leave them for the entire night. Before going to bed cover your head with scarf so that pins don’t move from their place.
  • Remove the pins in morning to get a perfect look.
  • You can use hair spray or brush your hair to complete the look.

Pony Tail

Pony tail is chic and can be made within seconds. You won't need any extra minute to do it! Here's how you can look amazing in the office or if you're going for a pool party with friends.
Learn how you can do it:

  • Comb your hair and de-tangle it.
  • Gather your hair away from your face and hold them up either very low at the back of the neck or the middle of the back of the head.
  • Use scrunches to tie them up. These have a less damaging impact on your hair. 
  • Style your hair in fromt if you have bangs or flicks. And, for this you may part your hair as you want.


Victory Rolls

Victory rolls is a popular hair-do from the 40s. This style can give you a perfect party look!

  • For Victorian rolls first part your hair from one ear to another. Now make a pony tail out of the rest of your hair.
  • Now part the front hair in two sections.
  • Take a section of hair and wind it around your finger to get the loop. You can use curling iron to curl the front hair. Now pin the hair roll so that they are secure and don’t give a hollow look.
  • Repeat the same procedure on the other section of the hair.
  • You can use hair spray so that the curls stay for long.
  • Now open the pony and curl the end of your hair by using a curling iron.



Another quick hair style for curly hair is braiding. Braid or twist the front of your hair and let the back hair hang. You can also combine the front braids with a back pony to get a sporty look.


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Written by
Bushra Kafeel
Source: Onlymyhealth editorial teamSep 13, 2013

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