Hair Styles that Speed up Hair Loss

Updated at: Dec 27, 2012
Hair Styles that Speed up Hair Loss

Know how certain hair styles increase hair loss.

Vatsal Anand
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Dec 14, 2012

Hair Styles that Speed up Hair Loss

There are some hair styles that can speed up hair loss as they put a strain on your hairs. A particular hair style is not the main reason behind hair loss, but only a contributory factor. Hair loss is caused by some underlying condition, apart from the natural hair fall of the hair growth cycle. Some hair styles along with certain habits can cause more breakage than normal.


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How hair styles make you lose hair

  • After using the hair dryer, you are inclined to pull it tightly into a pony tail or a knot. This is not doing your hair any favours. The dryer is damaging to the hair cuticle and more so, if you do not wait for it to dry before tying it into a knot. Same is the case with wet hair. You cannot pull it into a knot before letting it dry, as it is very fragile in that state. The ideal way of managing your hair after having a bath is to let it dry naturally. Perhaps you can apply conditioner while it’s wet for nourishment, and allow it to dry before styling.
  • Even when you have dried your hair, do not pull it into a knot or pony tail or any other style which puts a lot of strain. You should choose to style your hair loose or gently gathered into locks, not pulled to the extent of breaking. Just need to balance the strain you put on the hair when styling.


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  • Weaves and braids, more common in black women, can contribute to permanent hair loss. A new study undertaken by Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Institute in Cleveland, USA, has shown that black women who keep such hairstyles for long periods of time suffer from central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia, or CCCA. It is a kind of baldness that begins at the head’s crown and results in scarring. Until now, the cause of this disorder was attributed to the use of hot combs that are used for straightening curly hairs. The study conclusively ruled it out as the cause and revealed that hairstyles such as weaves and braids, which pull at the hair roots, are the real culprits.


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  • Ultra-tight hair-dos by way of pony tail or any other can result in hair loss, but these are not the major cause behind it. Other habits and conditions such as lack of nutrition, an underlying medical condition such as hormonal changes after pregnancy, and also psychological disorders are the main causes of hair loss.


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