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Guide for a Christmas Baby Shower

Updated at: Feb 14, 2012
Written by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Dec 03, 2011
Guide for a Christmas Baby Shower

Know how you can have a great Christmas baby shower by incorporating the elements of both the special occasions.

Baby showerIt is a great idea to give a baby shower on the occasion of Christmas. The family is gathered already and you can easily incorporate the theme of baby shower into the Christmas celebrations. Some ideas and tips given below can help in that.


Christmas Decorations

  • Use a Christmas ornament for the baby. You can either ask you guests to give it to your baby or make them take one back to their home.
  • You can also use paper chains to represent your baby.
  • A great idea would be decorate your Christmas tree with gifts for the baby. Baby socks, rattles, small toys or any other item can be decorated on your tree. Consider pink, blue or even white tree for baby shower Christmas celebrations.


Christmas baby shower gift pass

Make everyone sit in a circle and make them pass wrapped gifts to each other. Make sure everyone receives the gift, in other words have some extra gifts if some uncalled guests turn up. After distributing gifts, start playing some Christmas music. The game is to pass the gifts around till the music stops. Some of the gifts could be gags to make this even more fun.


Christmas Foods

Decorating cookies is a great tradition observed on Christmas. You may want to do it the traditional way, or try out baby cookies for a change, and according to the circumstance. The Christmas drinks such as egg nog or mimosas should be pregnancy friendly, i.e. they should appear true to the occasion.



The wise women should advice the pregnant woman on how to take care of her and the coming baby. The wise men came to bless the baby Jesus. The women can offer useful advice with their blessings.

Christmas Theme

The theme of the baby shower should represent the occasion of Christmas. Stuff candies in stockings to give away as gifts. Boxes of Christmas cookies, personalised Christmas ornaments, mini lotions, hot cocoa mixes are some great choices for a Christmas theme baby shower. The decorations apart from the Christmas tree can include poinsettias, basket of cinnamon scented with pinecones with a big red ribbon on the handle.

You can have a blast with your family on having a baby shower on the day of Christmas. Just make sure that the Christmas theme baby shower is true to the expectations of the two separate special occasions.

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