Celebrate the Joy of Pregnancy with 5 Great Apps for Mothers-to-be

Updated at: Apr 09, 2014
Celebrate the Joy of Pregnancy with 5 Great Apps for Mothers-to-be

When you don’t know what to expect when you're expecting, turn to plenty of pregnancy apps available that can help moms-to-be prepare for pregnancy.

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Now that you have taken a pregnancy test and it’s positive, the real fun begins. And the advantage of living in the 21st century is that technology makes the process a whole lot easier.

Smartphone apps can help the way you handle your bodily changes, learn about your child’s development over the next nine months. There are a variety of apps that track your weight gain, show you what your baby looks like, and remind you to pack your bags for the hospital when the time comes.

All this aid could make pregnancy feel like a breeze. ByteMobile, a research firm that monitors actual usage activity of mobile users worldwide, released its first quarter 2013 Mobile Analytics Report in February 2013. According to the report, on average, 47 percent of total mobile subscribers using one or more health app are using a pregnancy-related app.

So why would you lag behind? Here is a collection of some popular pregnancy apps. Choose your favorite and download soon.

pregnancy appsBaby Center: My Pregnancy Today

When you are looking for a comprehensive pregnancy guide that gives you day-to-day updates on the baby’s development, this app is for you. It features award-winning videos and development graphics, and helps users to track essential appointments and milestones. With baby center’s pregnancy app, you can calculate your due date, follow nutrition guide, and connect with other due-moms at the same time.

iPhone – 4.5 stars with 118 ratings – Free
Android – 4.7 stars with 80,776 ratings – Free

pregnancy appsGerber Pregnancy Calculator

This app is a great pregnancy companion, which offers a week-by-week guide to your celebrated pregnancy.  It tracks your weight, gives you ideas about healthy snacking, and reminds you of your prenatal care appointments. The Gerber Pregnancy Calendar also gives users access to expert answers to common questions, and a tool that lets you upload your ultrasounds and even record your baby’s heartbeat.  Track your baby’s development and your own changes at the same time.

iPhone – 4 stars with 24 ratings – Free

pregnancy appsBabyBump Pregnancy PRO

This is a free tool that features high-quality charts and graphics, tracks baby’s development, search baby names, and interact with other would-be-moms. When your baby kicks or you experience contractions, BabyBump Pregnancy PRO times and monitors the foetal movement and helps you figure out whether it’s time to head to the hospital for labor.

iPhone – 5 stars with 261 ratings - $3.99
Android – 4.5 stars with 2,197 ratings – $2.99

pregnancy appsHappy Pregnancy

Enjoy and track the details of your pregnancy with Softcraft’s Happy Pregnancy Ticker. It helps you watch over your weight gain, foetal development, and your pregnancy appointments. It even teaches you some fun pregnancy facts. This ticker features an ovulation tracking function – a useful tool for those trying to conceive. As a nice bonus, users can access a discussion forum and a contraction timer as well. You can even send your data via email to monitor your progress and needs.

iPhone – 4.5 stars with 62 ratings – Free
Android – 4.5 stars with 6,504 ratings – Free

pregnancy appsI’m Expecting

MedHelp’s I’m Expecting app compares your symptoms to those of other moms, through which, you can get valuable pregnancy updates and keep track of your appointments and tests. Use the app to monitor your pregnancy weight on your pregnancy countdown. You can also participate in online forums with other users. Download the app to get your questions answered and organize all of your important pregnancy-related information.

iPhone – 3.5 stars with 1,939 ratings – Free
Android – 4.6 stars with 10,422 ratings – Free

With so many useful features, these apps can act as your all-in-one pregnancy and birth preparation friends. Make your pregnancy feel like a cinch with these 5 awesome technical marvels.

Image Courtesy: Getty Images and Healthline

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