5 Great Gifts For Dads With Memory Loss

Updated at: Dec 14, 2012
5 Great Gifts For Dads With Memory Loss

Alzheimers Treatment - Photo album, gaming activities, singing and dancing together are some great gifts that you can give to your father suffering from memory loss.

Shubhangi Upadhyaya
Mental HealthWritten by: Shubhangi UpadhyayaPublished at: Feb 23, 2012

5 Great Gifts For Dads With Memory LossIt may be extremely difficult to think of a meaningful gift for a father who is suffering from Alzheimer's disease or any other disease resulting in memory loss. However, you try to look at the things that are still with you instead of looking at what you have lost. This will make the situation much better and you can make the most of what you still have in hand. Here are some of the excellent gifting ideas for dads with memory loss.

  • Photo album: Create an album of memories that includes some of the important events of your life that you celebrated with your dad. Include photographs of occasions such as family holiday, birthday parties or any other academic or sports event from your childhood. This way, you will not only give your dad a chance to relive the pleasant moments of his life, but you can also thank him for all he can done for you. Moreover, you can ask various questions about his likes and dislikes and also take suggestions about parenting issues. This would make him feel very special as he would be able to share the wisdom that he has gained through his experiences of life.
  • Arrange gaming activities for him: Even in the case of memory loss, there are certain things that are still there in his mind, known as the memories that remain in fingertips. These memories include his interest in games or any other out door activities. As a father’s day treat, you can arrange a session of his favourite sports or activities.
  • Listen to music, sing and dance together: Gift your dad a collection of his favourite songs as music is said to have great healing power. It can do wonders for the people suffering from memory loss. Make your dad feel comfortable and listen to music along with him. Encourage him to sing along and dance to the tunes.
  • Treat him with his favourite food: Invite your father to his favourite restaurant for dinning out and let him order the food of his choice. However, in case he is too ill to dine out, prepare the food of his choice at home. Also ask him to participate in cooking as this will give him a chance to relive the days of togetherness with his family. 
  • Shower your love and respect on him: One of the most precious gifts is the gift of affection and respect. Even a person with severe memory loss needs to be loved and taken care of. In order to express your feelings, you do not need words. As it is said that actions speak louder that words, you can make him feel special through your actions. Sit close to him, look into his eyes with respect, hold his hands or put your hands around his shoulders in order to make him comfortable. These gestures help in establishing heartfelt connection in moments of silences and they never go unnoticed.

Make your dad feel good by adopting these approaches in order to show your father how special he is. He may not be able to recall everything, but this would surely bring a smile on his face. 


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