Good Night Sleep Tips: Keep Your Phone Out of the Bedroom Before Going To Sleep

Updated at: Jun 27, 2019
Good Night Sleep Tips: Keep Your Phone Out of the Bedroom Before Going To Sleep

Backlit screens prevent the body from secreting melatonin, thus reducing the quality of sleep.

Tavishi Dogra
Mind BodyWritten by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Jun 27, 2019

Can you imagine your life without your smartphone? I guess, one can die, but can't leave their phone behind. Nowadays we have been so engrossed in our smartphones that we don't eat food without 'Instagramming it', we don't leave the house without 'outfit of the day pic' and many more. We use our smartphone almost 24*7, but don't you think that we should keep our phone aside while sleeping? It is advised to have a sound sleep without disturbance and especially without binge-watching. Constant use of the phone has led us to sleep deficiency, also known as insomnia. 

Some of you may want to get rid of this habit of using youtube and Netflix while sleeping. Meanwhile, others may find it difficult to sleep watching a video. Don't' feel so helpless, you can change your habit by your will power and the slight change in your routine. 

Why is it harmful?

Using your cellphone, before going to sleep is dangerous because it sends indications to your brain, which leads to insomnia. Whatever time it is, whether it is 11 PM or 3 AM or 9 PM, you have to make your will power strong and stay away from your device. In cases, it is also seen that people are so addicted to the mobile phone, that they will use it until they feel dizzy. But this is nothing, just the vice-versa situation, as you won't leave the phone and phone won't let you sleep.

Scientific angle

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The hormone which leads you to sleep is called melatonin. The people who suffer from insomnia lack this hormone in their body. No melatonin means no sleep. So don't play games with your sleep, as in reverse your phone will send signals to your brain, 'don't release melatonin'.

Enough good sleep is just like a clean environment for the brain. The 'glial cells' clean up your brain kill all the toxins and leads you to sleep. Your brain has several active neurons that work throughout the day and at night (while you sleep) they need some rest. Sleep allows these neurons to remain calm and silent and take some rest.

Hours of sleep?

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Have you ever noticed that a few hours nap adds magic to your day? Yes, that can be possible for some people and for some time but not always. Because normal human body needs to complete 8 hours of sleep. However, his can be a bit increased or reduced to 7 to 9 hours of sleep, but not more or less than that. if you don't sleep well, the brain will not be able to clear all the dirty toxins, which will somehow affect your efficiency at work the very next day.

  • Hazards of insomnia
  • Memory loss
  • problem-solving ability
  • decreases vigilance

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