Good-Bye, Bad Memories

Updated at: Oct 10, 2012
Good-Bye, Bad Memories

According to researchers from Brooklyn, a certain type of drug can help restore memory loss or get rid of bad memories.

Bhadra Kamalasanan
Mental HealthWritten by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Oct 10, 2012

Ever wished you could just submerge your head into streaming river and have all the bad memories rush down? We all have. If not for bitter memories, for songs that made us slip deep into a traumatic state and magnify problems even when we didn’t want to. Whilst it isn’t possible to get rid of memories just by the whiff of fresh air entering void, researchers have helped us get close. Here’s what they have found.



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Researchers in Brooklyn found that giving one dose of a type of experimental drug to the part of the brain that holds specific kind of memory, such as emotions, motor skills, etc can help one edit bad memories. Apparently, the drug obstructs the functioning or activity of that part of the brain that is responsible for retaining all the information learnt day-to-day. If the drug is slid down a detour, it can enhance the power of retaining memory, thereby treating or warding off memory problems, such as dementia.

Thinking of getting the drug right away is not going to be on your favour because the researchers have tried the drug only on animals, though they affirm that the drug will have identical affects on humans.



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The drug would especially be useful for you if you are struggling with addiction because addiction is a ‘learned behaviour’ and can therefore, be eliminated with the drug. This has been identified as a great leap in the feat of neuroscience for it lay in a dark corner in the pool of scientific studies for many centuries. For all its credence in launching clones of itself through technology, the brain was left to be something as mysterious as the world would be to Adam and Eve.

While the drug seems potent in erasing unwanted memories, there are a couple of questions clouding the researcher’s study. What if in lieu of erasing a bad memory, the user loses a cherished memory that probably is related to the former? Perhaps even more important is the compulsion that people might feel to have their memory enhanced once the drug is out. Imagine your plight when you run out of the drug? As I write this, the visuals from the movie Limitless, are flashing by. It gives my spine the jitters to imagine running out of a memory-enhancing drug just when the entire world thinks I am as brainy as Einstein.


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