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Golden truth about brown rice you must know

Exercise & Fitness By Onlymyhealth Staff Writer , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Sep 14, 2017
Golden truth about brown rice you must know

Brown rice is an excellent source of all vital nutrients that our body needs. The gloden truth about brown rice is that it can be a healthy substitute for polished rice and we can indulge in it often!

How many times have you inched towards the bowl of rice for a teeny tiny second helping? And how many times has your conscience castigated you for falling in love with those extra calories? If you are faced with the dilemma called ‘to eat or not to eat more rice’ then we think we might be able to save the day for you!

We present to you what we like to call the treasure trove on brown rice. Yes brown rice is the healthier and more nutritious cousin of white rice and you can eat it!

Brown rice is also known as hulled rice. Unlike white rice, only the outermost layer of brown rice or its husk is removed before consumption. Brown rice retains the bran layer that is normally removed in the stages of polishing to obtain white rice. The bran carries many nutrients that are considered beneficial for health.

The golden truth about Brown Rice

A rich source of Manganese

Manganese is responsible for the metabolism of fats, for the absorption of calcium, metabolism and regulation of thyroids. Therefore, brown rice actually facilitates weight loss and is also beneficial for pregnant women, athletes and people with a hectic schedule.


Iron is one of the most important elements which help in carrying oxygen to the various parts of the body. Brown rice contains iron and therefore, it is very good for people with iron deficiencies.


Magnesium is also found in brown rice. Magnesium manages the bodily nerves, and maintains bone health. Magnesium is also a known element that helps in controlling type II diabetes. Apart from that it also helps in protein synthesis and also regulates the beating of the heart.

The added benefits of Brown Rice

  • Brown rice is a source of vitamin B-Complex which is helpful in reducing weight and is also known for diabetes management.
  • Selenium is found in brown rice that triggers the secretion of sex related hormones in the adrenal glands.
  • Vitamin E found in brown rice helps in maintaining healthy hair and skin and is also good for the nails!
  • Being a rich source of antioxidants, brown rice actually helps in preventing cell damage. It is also beneficial in warding off serious cell damage related diseases such as cancer and also keeps heart diseases at bay.
  • Brown rice also controls blood sugar levels in the body and also keeps a check on blood pressure.

Some interesting facts on Brown Rice

  • Brown rice has the same number of carbohydrates as white rice but it scores way better when it comes to being healthy and nutritious.
  • Brown rice is usually chewer than white rice and it also takes more time to cook brown rice.
  • Being full of nutrients brown rice actually leaves you feeling full. So it effectively reduces your overall calorie intake and sets weight management in motion!
  • Brown rice cooked in vegetable or chicken stock can be a complete meal in itself!
  • Brown rice is the most popular variety of rice in the countryside and that itself tells for the strength and vitality that people there have! 

We hope that these benefits of brown rice will turn you into a believer. And the next time you want to eat your favourite lentil or chicken curry with rice, you will know which variety of rice to turn to!

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