Go the natural way is the in thing

Updated at: Sep 23, 2010
Go the natural way is the in thing

Go Natural is the key to beauty trends in 2009. For hair, the more natural look is "in", with plenty of movement, more flowing, with a look of ease.

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Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Editorial TeamPublished at: Sep 23, 2010

Go Natural is the key to beauty trends in 2009. For hair, the more natural look is "in", with plenty of movement, more flowing, with a look of ease. Straight hair, with broken texture, or jagged edges are out. The hair is not obviously structured. Long hair, with cascading waves is in. The entire look is soft and feminine, with big natural waves, especially in the lower half of the hair. Simplicity is the keyword, with straight partings for long hair. Bangs or fringes, are very much the trend.

For short hair, the slightly tousled look is in fashion. Not, harsh or obviously structured, but rather a careless and casual look. Softly and naturally layered look will be trendy. Where hair colour is concerned, subtle and more natural highlights are already in vogue. Dark brown and reddish shades will be in.

Be natural: The main trend in hair is the natural look. Gels, sprays and mousse for hair styling will go out of fashion. Even for formal occasions, the effort will be to achieve the natural look. You can put your hair up for a formal look if you want to be "in." The hair tied in a pony tail will find favour, with the use of glamorous aids.

Make-up will continue to move towards the natural look. The dewy look will be in for the younger lot. Light tinted moisturizers will find favour, rather than foundation, both for day and night, with less shine for the night. The aim will be to project a sheer skin texture. Go for translucent foundations and a matte finish. Just a hint of blusher, like a natural flush, will be in vogue. Choose neutral tones of powder blusher. Eye make-up trends will favour less mascara. The eye lined look is predicted for the coming year. Frosted sheen, or shimmer will stay popular for the lips.

Lip liners will match the lipstick - there will be no obvious line around lips. Pinks will be in, especially very light pinks. Red and shades of red have made a comeback and will stay in vogue in lipsticks. Shades of red, like cherry, rose, and red itself are predicted for the night. Lilac, mauve and pink will find favour for the day.

Look young:
With the emphasis on youth and the global trend toward fitness and general well being, the universal desire to look youthful will steadily gain further ground. Therefore, apart from stress reduction and relaxing treatments, anti- ageing or age-control treatments are going to be popular.

Stay fit: The trend that will influence beauty care is the increasing demand for holistic systems. The old adage, "internal health for external beauty" will be taken up worldwide. There is high awareness that looking beautiful is not just a matter of make-up, hairstyle and trendy clothes and that high level fitness plays an important role. This idea will dominate beauty trends, with good health being built into the lifestyle, through a healthy diet, exercise, yoga and meditation. Beauty care during 2009 will strive for a radiance that comes from sheer good health.

Winning query

My upper-lip area is comparitively darker than my rest of the face which is fair. Help!

—Aakanksha Agarwal

The area above upper lips may seem darker due to facial hair. However, you can take a little curd, add a pinch of turmeric and apply daily on the area. Wash it off after 20 minutes.



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