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Gift Ideas for your Techie Guy this Valentine’s

Updated at: Mar 01, 2012
Gift Ideas for your Techie Guy this Valentine’s

Surprise love of your life on this Valentine's Day with techie-picks he will cherish forever.

Written by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Feb 13, 2012

Gift ideas for your techie guy this valentines

Much awaited Valentine’s Day is here! One of most celebrated days of the year, Valentine’s Day brings you an opportunity to impress your techie partner. Instead of common gifts, why not surprise him with gadget he once desired to have, or an accessory he would love. Electronic stores and gift shops are filled with ample tech-gift options, which will fit in your budget bracket, helping you create gateway to his heart. Here are few gift ideas to make this valentine’s the most memorable one for you and your partner.



Techie gift ideas not only confine to expensive gizmos, but also include inexpensive yet much-needed additions or gadget accessories. Think of his gadgets, something that he would love to add to his gadgets. It could be several different things, may be a custom case, skins, speakers, quality earpieces or some innovation to the gizmo that he will cherish all his life. Such gifts not only render utility to him, but will also remind him of you.

Apple iPhone 4S

In case there is no budget constraint and your partner is among Apple followers, the smartphone iPhone 4S is the perfect pick. Loaded with new-age applications such as ‘Siri’, iPhone is a real delight for Apple fans. If your partner already has the gadget, your idea of adding a hardware or accessory will absolutely thrill him.

Global Positioning System

A Global Positioning System (GPS) could be another idea to win heart of techie-lover, who had wished for the gadget at some point of time. With availability of various mapping service providers and city maps online, the must-have GPS has refined navigation. But, the gift again needs some shelling of money from your bank account.

External Hard Disk Drive plus Skin/Case

Idea of presenting an external hard disk drive of 500 GB to 1 terabyte is another chance to impress your techie partner. With the gizmo, he will be able to accommodate or keep memorable pictures, movies and songs with him. Furthermore, an attractive skin/case on External HDD will be a cherished addition for techie guy.
Portable Devices

A techie is likely to be delighted with a gift like portable speakers. Various established brands have put on an attractive range on offer for people who love watching movies or listening to songs on the go. Connected via USB port, the portable speakers are compatible with laptops and music gadgets such as iPod. Another must-have gizmo, portable scanner could be an awesome present that has tremendous utility for people who travel a lot.

3D Movie Show with a Movie Buff

For a 3D movie lover, prebook a show and surprise him on valentine’s eve. In this manner, you can have another wonderful day with love of your life, booked with love, fun and excitement.



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