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Getting Pregnant: Fertility Myths and Truths

Snr By Vidya Subramanian , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Apr 26, 2011
Getting Pregnant: Fertility Myths and Truths

Fertility Myths and Truths - There are many myths surrounding male and female fertility. Here's an attempt at confirming or debunking some long-held fertility myths and truths. Read more and get your basics right!

Fertility Myths

This one’s a quite tricky. If you’re trying to have a baby, almost everyone will give you an advice on what to try and what to stay away from. They all become an expert but where is the truth in tales like not eating sugar will improve ovulation and wearing boxer shorts will reduce fertility? Here’s an attempt at confirming or debunking some long-held fertility myths and truths.


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Can staying off sugar really improve your chances of fertility?


Well, yes in a way. And not just sugar, this is for all carbohydrate-rich food. Carbohydrate-rich foods have a higher glycemic index and can cause an increase in the amounts of blood sugar. This, in turn, can increase the amount of insulin in the body. In the ovary, insulin increases production of male-type hormones (remember, both males and females have both hormones in varying degrees) that are released into the bloodstream. Dr. Alka Lal, a Delhi-based gynaecologist, provides a rider along with the theory. “This,” she says, “need not always be true.” Women who will benefit most from such diet plans are usually those who are overweight or have polycystic ovaries, she says.


Can birth control pills reduce fertility?


One of the tales on fertility is the one which holds that birth control pills reduce fertility. “Not true,” says Dr. Lal firmly. There is no scientific evidence that supports this theory. In fact, treatments for conditions like endometriosis and ovarian cysts include the administration of birth control pills.

Smoking reduce fertility?

  • This one is a definite and positive yes. Smoking can reduce sperm count, and can cause menopause to occur sooner.

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  • Nicotine in the female body metabolises to form compounds such as cotinine which can play a role in decreasing the quality of the egg and embryo.
  • Smoking in males can cause a decrease in the fertilisation potential of the sperm and can adversely affect the quality of the embryo. It is also listed as one of the causes of miscarriage.


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