Getting Over the Junk Food Addiction

Updated at: Sep 26, 2012
Getting Over the Junk Food Addiction

Junk food addiction can be curbed by adopting a rewarding lifestyle and swtiching to healthier food and beverage alternatives.

Shuchi Mehta
ObesityWritten by: Shuchi MehtaPublished at: Jul 17, 2012

Getting Over the Junk Food Addiction

A little snack here, a little nibble there, but you can stop any time, right? Not if you're a junk food addict. Remember , excess of anything is bad, even junk food (or even food for that matter – e.g., over eating). While some of us become addicted to junk food due to the sheer taste of junk food, some become addicted due to emotional eating habits and there are some who get trapped in erratic work schedules and fall prey to grabbing a pizza, burger, fries, maggie and noodles for their meals.


95% of the junk food addicts end up becoming obese and lead an unhealthy lifestyle, attracting life threatening ailments (e.g: heart and respiratory system disorders, cholesterol problem, diabetes. While we all know (and love) the concept of fast food being the instant food (ready in minutes), what most of us don’t know is, that most of the fast foods are cooked in an instant manner with some artificial ingredients, some of which are even banned in other countries, and flavors which are not good for our health.


Digestive problems, weight gain, gastro are some of the common ailments found amongst people who eat junk food on regular basis. It is not difficult to avoid junk food addiction, but here are a few simple steps for you to try and avoid the cravings.

Identify the reason

You need to identify the reason why you eat junk food, is it due to taste, stress, lack of sleep, emotional disturbance, work life balance, or not knowing how to cook.


  • If you think the reason is stress, lack of sleep or work life balance – then you need to start with making changes to your lifestyle (make a day schedule to ensure you give enough rest to your body, start working out) and you will see a decrease in your cravings as your body gets used to a better and healthy lifestyle.
  • If the reason is emotional disturbance and you are addicted to eating when you are disturbed, then you may need psychiatric help you get over the emotional disturbances.


Find Healthier Alternatives

  • For instance, if you eat junk food to substitute your breakfast, as you don’t have time in the mornings, you might want to look at quick breakfast alternatives (e.g: cereals, oatmeals, etc…)
  • If you have a craving for a chocolate bar between your meals, you might want to replace it with a nutribar or a fruit.
  • You can replace the glass of aerated beverage with a glass of fresh lime water or just plain water!
  • The burger or fries between your lunch and dinner can be replaced with a serving of assorted   nuts or a multigrain home made sandwich.
  • Addiction to coffee can be managed by adding Tea with milk and green tea to your daily menu as alternatives. Green tea aids in weight loss.


Kick Away Sedentary Lifestyle

  • Start working out.
  • Get enrolled in a sport or in dance classes.
  • Set your daily routine; make sure you give your body enough rest.

Avoid junk food addiction as it can become fatal, if ignored. What you eat plays a major role in how your body develops and becomes.


Love your body and your body will love you back!


Shuchi Mehta, Nutrition and Diet Consultant (from Gold coast Training Academy) with Fitness First.



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