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Get stoned to heal heartache

Updated at: Dec 25, 2017
Heart Health
Written by: Dhvani SolaniPublished at: Jan 20, 2013
Get stoned to heal heartache

Is a pink-hued tapering crystal capable of inducing the feeling of emotional release and balance? we decided to find out first-hand

Is a pink-hued tapering crystal capable of inducing the feeling of emotional release and balance? we decided to find out first-hand


First, a disclaimer: this reviewer is a little skeptical about alternative healing techniques.


So the process of massaging with a crystal to transfer healing vibrations from a stone that has been meditated over, to the person receiving the massage, was met with deep-seated cynicism.


At Richfeel Spa, I leave behind a noisy road, bustling with shoppers at Mahalaxmi, to enter a tranquil zone bathed in golden hues.


The crystal therapy is accompanied with detox reflex massages. I choose the 40-minute Foot Reflexology (Rs 675), which starts off with attentive masseuse Ramichon gently washing my feet with lemon slices.


In the monsoon season, when our feet are most prone to infections, you know that pampering them is just what the doctor ordered.


Next stop: the massage area, where I'm made to sit on one of the cushy armchairs, looking up at a ceiling designed to resemble open skies, dotted with tiny glimmering lights.


Ramichon starts with the massage, releasing muscle tension and giving some much-needed TLC to one of the most abused and overworked body parts.


She then brings out a rose quartz, a beautiful, pale pink crystal believed to be an emotional healer, which helps you get over rejection, since it channels the energies related to love and forgiveness.


I wasn't exactly nursing a heartache, so it would be difficult to tell whether the stone delivered what it set out to achieve.


Ramichon pressed it on the toes, the insides of the toes and other pressure points of the foot. The ticklish might find it hard to suppress their giggles.


Once this is done, Ramichon lubricates my feet with cream and resumes the massage. This where I find solace. As my 40 minutes come to an end, Ramichon powders my feet and I am ready to go.


"We meditate over the crystals and infuse positive thoughts in them.


After every session, we wash them in saline water to remove the negativity," says Dr Sonal Shah, a trichologist and one half of the founding duo of Richfeel Group.


Does the massage ensure emotional happiness, if only transiently? My feet did feel soft and relaxed.


But I prefer giving credit to the masseuse, rather than the crystals. It will take more than a 40-minute 'detox' to convert me.



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