Check Eating Habits that Affect health with the help of Smart Teeth

Updated at: Feb 27, 2017
Check Eating Habits that Affect health with the help of Smart Teeth

Now you can glue a sensor to your teeth to check how much you are eating or drinking, that will help to keep your habits that affect health on check.

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LatestWritten by: Agency NewsPublished at: Sep 20, 2013

smart teeth to check habits affecting healthNow new technologically enhanced sensors that could be glued to the teeth can track how much you are consuming. The sensors that are glued to the teeth detect people when they chew, drink, speak and cough, thus tracking how much they are consuming along with other health aspects.

Scientists in the study used dental cement in order to glue accelerometers that would be able to recognise movement in all the three dimensions onto the teeth. There were eight volunteers on whom the research was conducted. The devices were coated with dental resin in order to keep them safe from saliva.

Each of the volunteers were then make to chew a gum, drink a bottle of water and also cough or read a section of a given article for about 40 seconds.

The research was conducted by Hao-hua Chu, who is a computer scientist at the National University in Taipei. He mentioned that the mouth is an opening into our overall health. This is primarily because our eating and drinking habits usually shed light on our diet.

This new technology could bring out a lot more information about us that we are able to gather at this point in time.

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