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Get to Know Some Pointers About Gestational Diabetes Pregnancy Diet

Updated at: Oct 21, 2013
Written by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Jun 02, 2011
Get to Know Some Pointers About Gestational Diabetes Pregnancy Diet

Gestational Diabetes pregnancy diet needs to be customised according to the physical and biochemical attributes of a woman. This article gives some pointers.

Controlling gestational diabetes has a lot to do with maintaining a diet plan most suitable for it. Although it is not ideal to suggest a general diet plan for all instances of this disease, readers can take back some pointers on which to base their customised diet plan. Such a diet plan should take into consideration all the factors which affect the mother and baby’s health.

Gestational Diabetes Pregnancy DietIt should include weight, height, physical activity, the stage of pregnancy, the needs of baby’s growth and the level of glucose intolerance.

Gestational Diabetes Pregnancy Diet Plan

  • Early Morning (between 6 AM to 7 AM) – A glass of milk without sugar. You can also have a cup of tea with 2 Marie biscuits. A glass can measure around 250 ml.
  • Breakfast (between 8 AM to 9 AM) - 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, half cup of fresh and pure juice, two slices of whole wheat bread with around 30 gms of cottage cheese (paneer) or two chapattis stuffed with vegetables, served with curd or two small dosas/ 4 lidlis without chutney. Do not put more than 1 tbsp of oil for cooking.
  • Mid Morning (11 AM till Noon) – 1 apple or any other medium sized fruit like guava, pear, plum, peach or small bowl of papaya, and 1 cup of paneer.
  • Lunch (between 1 PM to 2 PM) – Have salad made from carrot, radish, tomato, cucumber; one plate of seasonal vegetable, small bowl of dal, 150 ml of curd or 1 cup of lentil soup, 2 to 3 chapattis with half to three-fourth plate of rice or 1 serving of whole grain crackers.
  • Evening (4 PM) – Half a glass of milk or tea with 2 Marie biscuits.
  • Snack before Dinner (6 PM) – Bowl of sprouts with fresh fruit or lime juice.
  • Dinner (8:30 PM to 9 PM) – 1 cup steamed broccoli, 1 cup brown rice, nutri-nuggets curry or green beans with carrot or matar paneer followed by 1 cup of skimmed milk.

This is just a suggestion for gestational diabetes diet during pregnancy. It would be advisable to contact your doctor to recommend the right diet plan. Your physical attributes need to be evaluated to decide upon the right schedule of pregnancy diet with the medical condition of gestational diabetes. Another important advice that your doctor will give is to increase the consumption of fluid throughout the day.


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