Germiest public places revealed

Updated at: Mar 24, 2017
Germiest public places revealed

 You would not have thought the public places which are most prone to get you infected. Know more about the germ laden public places you should avoid.

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Germiest public places revealed

Whenever we hear the word “germ”, we immediately link it to something unhygienic. Billions and trillions of germs live in and on your body and only a few of them are malignant. Yet, you still need to guard against them lest they do their mischief with your health. Germs can cause mild to serious health concerns, from common cold to heart diseases. You need to avoid germs throughout the year, and not just in the winter season. Being conscious of the public places which are most infected would help you ward off the threat of infections.

Public places to avoid

  • Shopping cart handles – The main culprit in the spread of infection are shopping cart handles. You should sanitise the shopping cart handles with a germ disinfectant. Some malls and supermarkets provide their own sanitizers, but you should take your own in case they do not. Do not put fresh products on the cart’s seat where babies with diapers sit.


  • Public toilet – When using the public toilet, try to use the first or last ones of the row. Research has revealed that middle stalls are the most used in public toilets. More use means more infection and greater chances of its spread.


  • Escalator handrails – There is a lot of possibility of the spread of germs through the escalator handrails. If you can do without touching them, it will lessen your chances.


  • Infection in your kitchen – Various kitchen utensils and tools such as sponges, cutting boards, dishcloths, sink and the floor carry a lot of germs. To sanitise your sponge, you can put it in the microwave for 2 minutes. Use a good disinfectant for your kitchen, and perhaps a stronger one for the floor.


  • Avoid that casual kiss or handshake – Although it is advisable to avoid kissing or handshakes throughout the year, it is particularly important during the flu season. As this is not possible for many of us, it would be prudent and wise to keep washing your hands frequently. Use warm water for scrubbing your hands for 15 to 20 seconds after using the toilet, playing, eating outdoors, touching the pets, coughing, sneezing or blowing the nose.


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Some other places that are a hot spot for germs include water fountain spigots, reusable cafeteria trays, public restroom door handles and public park sandboxes. Be on your guard when visiting public places, as germs can attack from the most unsuspected places.


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