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Fun Things to do during Pregnancy

Updated at: Aug 08, 2011
Written by: Mansi KohliPublished at: May 03, 2011
Fun Things to do during Pregnancy

What to do during Pregnancy - Cherish those special pregnancy moments. Here is a list of 'feel good' things during pregnancy which provide comfort, excitement and enjoyment. Remember to make up more as you go along.

special pregnancy momentsThere are certain privileges and joys that only a pregnant woman can explore to the hilt. It could be things which you were already doing before, however it takes on a whole new refined meaning now.


Early pregnancy is when the true fun begins. New experiences and feelings expand the charms and joys of being pregnant.


Nonetheless, pregnancy isn’t all fun and play. Casting your eyes on simple to-do-things would not only inspire you to relish those moments but will also make the most of those nine months.


Here is a list of ‘feel good’ things during pregnancy which provide comfort, excitement and enjoyment. Remember to make up more as you go along. Here they are:


Before you say the word ‘wish’, they are fulfilled


This is one of those times when your better half won’t say no to any request you make. He’ll go all the way to pamper and comfort you. Get him to massage your body and while he’s at it, let him cuddle your tummy and talk to the baby.


Allow everyone to pamper you with exotic dishes and help you with daily chores, while you just relax and enjoy all the love and attention. You should simply feel like the star of the show.


Spend some quality me-time

You could do whatever thing or even nothing in this point of time. Take up a hobby, go around for shopping for your little one, watch a flick or simply chat with your friend. Do things which you feel like doing and make it a point to put ‘do not disturb’ sign outside your room’s door.


Growing a wonder


Many of the ladies deal with pregnancies without paying much heed and attention to what they are experiencing within. Now, is the time to stand, stare and simply relish the feeling of a new life breathing inside you.


Eat with zero-gulit


Medical experts suggest that most of the women spell it as the only time in their lives when they can indulge into tubful of treat and that too with zero guilt. You must simply let go all your tension while indulging into foods that have health benefits for you and your baby. It is essential to check with your doctor before picking any of those luxurious foods. According to Dr. Shivani Sachdeva Gour Infertility expert, and Gynecologist, Phoenix Hospital, there are a lot of guidelines that a pregnant woman ought to follow. It is necessary for the mother to consume nutritious food for the foetus to grow in a healthy manner and for herself too to make her pregnancy a healthy and enjoyable period. 


‘I am just pregnant, I am not overweight!”


Gaining weight gracefully occurs when you are in the world’s most classic and amazing excuse-pregnancy. One must relish each day of pregnancy and take pride in the curvy voluptuousness of their body. However, Dr. Shivani Sachdeva Gour Infertility expert, and Gynecologist, Phoenix Hospital warns that a proper diet must be followed. “All one needs to do is to eat sensibly, bearing in mind that a pregnant woman needs approximately 2,500 calories a day,” she advises.


So, put that worry away of how you are going to get back in your old clothes as you can deal with it in future, when your body is all set to lose extra flab. Pregnancy is a state of celebration and is as beautiful as each passing day.

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