Fun iPhone and Android pregnancy apps

Updated at: Mar 24, 2017
Fun iPhone and Android pregnancy apps

Tracking pregnancy has never been so easy and fun! Check out this list of cool Android and iPhone apps to track your pregnancy progress. From time tracking your labour to telling you about the signs of labour, these pregnancy apps are sure a keepe

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Fun iPhone and Android Pregnancy Apps

If you are an expectant mother and an owner of an iPhone or Android phone, you can install several applications to track your prenatal progress. There are several applications that are loaded with information on pregnancy that can assist expectant mothers with week-by-week updates about their pregnancy and help them take better care of the developing baby.

If you want pregnancy related information in your fingertips, take a look at some of the useful pregnancy applications available on smartphones.


Pregnancy apps for iPhone

Babble’s new pregnancy: This apple app is easy to use and provides week-by-week updates to administer pregnancy. Everyday pregnancy tips can help you see through you pregnancy term every week.

Pregnancy calc: It is a very useful app developed by apple, which provides useful information regarding the baby’s due date, ovulation date, duration of trimesters and much more.

Pregnancy tracker: A free application by, pregnancy tracker, gives week-by-week details of pregnancy. The application has features, such as a due date calculator, week-by-week foetal development, weekly baby illustrations, updates in physical changes, slideshow of your belly through pictures and countdown to due date.

Early signs of pregnancy: This app provides information on pregnancy signs and symptoms and home pregnancy tests.

Menstrual calendar: This app helps women determine their menstrual cycle and possible fertile days. It helps a woman to prepare for pregnancy. Other salient features of this app include menstrual calendar, calculating cycle span, predicting menstrual cycle and fertility window.



Pregnancy apps for android

Baby bump: A free application on android smartphones, the baby bump app, helps expectant mothers track foetal development along with weight management. It also reminds to-be mothers about their medical appointments and provides tips on aspects, such as, common pregnancy symptoms, body changes and food cravings.

Contraction master: The app helps you to time contractions during labour. This may also help you categorise contractions into mild to strong categories.

My free pregnancy: This application helps expectant mothers track 40 weeks of pregnancy their term. Integrated with various features, the pregnancy app provides all details regarding pregnancy signs, pregnancy diet and pregnancy fitness. Moreover, you may also look for information on baby care, diapering, breastfeeding and new born birth complications.

101 pregnancy safety tips free: This app will clear all your doubts about pregnancy. With regular tips, you can ascertain that the mother and baby are safe throughout the pregnancy term. The applications provide expectant mothers information about food options in terms of what foods to avoid, exercises for pregnancy, preparation for prenatal visit and ensuring that the mother gets proper nutrition.

Using these applications on your smartphone will definitely help you have a safe pregnancy and healthy childbirth.


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