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From flab to fab like Bipasha Basu with these foods

From flab to fab like Bipasha Basu with these foods
Quick Bites
  • Bipasha Basu was suffering osteoarthritis
  • Bipasha Basu is the ultimate fitness guru you must follow
  • She is strict about her diet too

This morning I was not able to get into my denims. The winter did it again with a gift of flabs around my waistline. Winters are the time when even water will make you gain weight. Saying metaphorically! I can just bawl my eyes out to see my expanding waistline and bulging out tummy. I wonder how these Bollywood actresses manage to stay that slim and fit. Now, Bipasha Basu, the goddess of fitness, the heir of a great body is best known for her devotion towards health and fitness.

bipasha basu

There was a time when even Bipasha was roasted for a flabby tummy. Yes, you just need to time-travel and recall her ‘No Entry’ days, where she had a fair amount of cellulite.

“Ishq di gali vich no entry”, her flabs were in better sync with the rhythm.

 However, Bipasha Basu soon got back into shape with her new found love for health and fitness. She took up running, got treated for osteoarthritis, and faced many other challenges to get in shape. Long story short, the journey from flabs to abs was not an easy one. Apart from training like a beast, Bipasha took her diet in consideration. Her diet was another contributing factor.

Today we share some tummy tucking foods that can help you have that were a part of her diet. You too can have a flat tummy this winter with these foods.

Oats with Cinnamon: What could be a better way to start your day? Oats are the thing that you need this winter to have a flat tummy. Oats make you feel full for long and cinnamon can boost your metabolism. This perfect combo can give you a flatter tummy.

Grapefruit: Lower the insulin levels that help you lose weight faster with a boosted up metabolism.

Red Peppers: The capsaicin present in red peppers can help you burn fat in winters.

Almonds: The fat cutter protein in almonds helps you cut the fat along with regulating the metabolism.

Salmon: The Omega-3 fatty acids help you lose weight quicker and better. (Being a bong, Bipasha cannot deny her love for some maachh!)

Avocado: The healthy fat for some energy boost.

Green Tea: Detoxify yourself with some natural caffeine. Green tea will not only detoxify your body but will also speed up your metabolism. So, slim up along with some great body cleansing.

Chicken: The lean proteins that will help you lose some weight along with lowering the amount of carbohydrates.

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Source: Onlymyhealth editorial teamOct 09, 2017

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