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Reasons why your love handles aren't leaving you

Exercise & Fitness By Arka Roy Chowdhury , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Sep 25, 2017
Reasons why your love handles aren't leaving you

Love handles look terrible and even though you are doing all of it right there could be many reasons why you are still unable to get rid of them. Find out why!

The love of a love handle is brutal, it is just plain wrong. When your lover holds your waist there sure is ample fat to clutch onto, but it would be nice if it was a smooth curve; just a nice waistline with no excess fat. Remember, there is nothing lovely about love handles.

But the truth is that you are a healthy person, you are a member of a fitness club, you walk more often and you have a knack for all things fit. But then why the love handles stuck to the sides of your waist? Where are you going wrong? The fat deposits on our side have accumulated over the years, it does not happen overnight, it is not because you had that one cheesecake which is causing this. You have to look closely into your lifestyle and identify the faults because there has to be a catch. There has to be a reason for the uncomfortable touch that you feel every time your lover holds you by your waist!

fish for weight loss

Wrong workout

There is a great possibility that all your exercise sessions are going for a waste because you are probably doing it wrong. There are numerous myths and tips regarding working out, and you will surely be confused about it all. The three most important factors regarding working out are frequency, time and intensity. You are to make sure that the amount of time you give to your workout is just right and the frequency also. Moreover, focus on cardiovascular exercises and do the exercises right. Start slow and small and then move forward. Do exercises that focus on your waistline and love handles more regularly.

Avoiding Fats

Yes, you heard it just right. You are so terrified of getting fat that you are abusing your body and depriving it of nutritional needs and that does not help at all. Instead, it is the opposite. You need to eat healthy fats because they are good. There are good fats and then there are the bad fats. Saturated and trans fat have no nutritional value and makes it difficult for our bodies to digest, thereby making it more likely to store fat for energy. On the other hand, healthy fats which are monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and Omega-3 are an absolute necessity for managing your weight. Eat olive oil, nuts, eggs, and fatty fish!

Bad eating habits

You think that you can shed weight by eating less or not eating at all. You think that juice dieting and eating salads for months is the answer to the excess fat. Well, you think wrong. Bad eating habits are killing the human race and that is the truth. Skipping breakfast is close to a catastrophe for the human body, especially when you are trying to lose weight. Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day and by skipping it you are torturing your body. No matter how difficult life is, eat a nice and heavy breakfast and you are taken care of. You have the fuel to run along for the rest of the day, breakfast is that essential meal which kick-starts the metabolism and gets your body running.

partying and weight gain

You are partying

Possibility number three is this. This is probably where your peers come in too, pushing you to party more than necessary while you are dying to hit the bed. Remember that no matter how well or how much you workout, you will never get the desired result when you are binge drinking and not sleeping enough, and therefore you must be very careful. You are drinking too much, staying up all night, eating late night snacks and waking up at odd hours the next day with a terrible headache and a bad day ahead. An average vodka cranberry contains about 200 calories, and now add ten more such drinks and you are ready to get some fat on. You are adding close to two days calories into one night of drinking. All the best with that!

Your body is happy

This is a tricky situation where the body feels relatively healthy and is in comfort zone. All the exercises that you did to push your body to the extremes have been done and now your body doesn’t feel anything any longer. It will now take more than just your usual exercises and healthy eating to burn the fat, for now, you will have to go the extra mile. You need to stimulate your metabolism as much as possible and for this, you really have to work hard. The hard part would be calorie counting as it is a very good way that would let you have a good look at how much you are burning and how much you are consuming. It is also possible that according to BMI you are not overweight and are rather considered healthy. But then again, what you need to do is to go that extra mile and push yourself to burn all that excess fat.

The love of having love handles is not really the tremor felt at heart, it is not the figure which you would want or crave for. It is in fact, the very disappointing path that leads to the disappointing truth, the one that includes the word, “ugly”.

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