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4 Health and Fitness Myths You Need to Stop Believing, Now!

Updated at: Feb 24, 2018
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Written by: Wanitha AshokPublished at: Jul 24, 2017
4 Health and Fitness Myths You Need to Stop Believing, Now!

Every other day a new myth and misconception about fitness and health is born and the worst part is that people believe them without diving deeper. 

Every other day a new myth and misconception about fitness and health is born and the worst part is that people believe them without diving deeper. Some of the myths don’t even make any sense and yet people believe them. Here are some myths and misconception about fitness that you need not to believe, no matter what.

Spot reduction

Spot reduction is a myth. Spot reduction happens only in the laundry. The place where the body stores fat is predetermined. 100 crunches or endless number of ab exercises will not burn the fat in your stomach. Working on a specific area will strengthen and tone the muscles in that area and will visually make you look thinner.
Fat loss happens throughout the body. If you're feeling miserable with all that extra body fat on various parts of your body, then there is a solution to the problem. It is a combination of a cardio workout and a sensible diet.
One has to have a lot of patience and willpower and consistency in order to lose weight. A 40 minute of cardio workout will put the body in a fat burning stage and thus the weight loss will take place. Do strength training to tone and sculpt the body and to increase the muscle mass, which boosts the metabolism and burns calories even while you are resting.

Slimming gadgets for weight loss

A natural weight loss program consisting of cardio strength and flexibility is going to give the required weight loss which is permanent too. However there are no shortcuts for weight loss.
It is always a combination of exercise and diet that works like magic. And as exercise offers huge benefits it is good to opt for workouts instead of weight loss centers and slimming gadgets.
There is no machine, no special diet, no special pill, and no special anything that will allow you to lose weight safely and healthily. Passive exercise offered by machines does not work until and unless you are exercising your muscles. And if you're not expending energy, you won't lose weight.
The key to weight loss is in fact very easy. It’s just about making lifestyle choices and adopting good habits that will allow us to lead a healthy life. Exercises should be done to stay healthy and fit as we humans were designed to be active. Great body begins in the kitchen not at the weight loss centers. Just eating right and adopting a complete fitness regime is the only way to lose weight or to be trim. Being consistent and dedicated will make you win the battle with the bulge. Instead of spending money on fitness centers and slimming gadgets spend the same amount on the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables, which will benefit your skin and system too.

Sweat indicates the calories burnt

It is a general myth that people have that more they sweat during exercise, the more fat they lose. How much you sweat does not necessarily reflect on how hard you are working. This is the way it goes-the harder you work out, the more calories you'll burn within a set period of time. Sweat is a merely a cooling system of the body. When we exercise, heat is generated by the body and to dissipate the heat the body sweats. It is body’s way of regulating the temperature. Some people tend to sweat a lot due to heavy body weight, poor conditioning, or heredity.

When you stop exercising, your muscles turn to fat

It’s a huge myth, and one must understand that muscles and fat are totally two different types of tissue. The muscle does not turn to fat or vice versa. Fat has to be burnt and muscles have to be built. Keep in mind that the approach through exercising is totally different for both. However lack of exercise does make the muscles shrink, reducing the body's calorie-burning rate. People who stop exercising will tend to become flabby. But exercise must be done to reap health benefits. Exercising not only reduces fat loss but it also has innumerable health benefits. It controls BP, diabetes, cancer, reduces stress, anxiety, cholesterol levels and gives your over all wellness. 

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