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For Underweight Women: How to Gain Weight

Updated at: Jun 14, 2012
Weight Management
Written by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Jun 14, 2012
For Underweight Women: How to Gain Weight

Underweight women can gain weight by engaging in weight training and eating a healthy and nutritious diet.

If you are an underweight woman, you may have already been asked to adopt weight gain measures to avoid medical problems in the future. Having heard of all the negative implications that binging on junk food has in the future, you may want to gain weight in a healthy manner. Here are some ways in which you can gain weight easily sans health complications in the long run.

Step 1

Determine the number of calories you need to gain weight. The principle of quick weight gain is consuming more calories than what you burn. Take a calculator and input your weight, height and the amount of activity you will need to indulge in to gain weight. to gain one pound per week, you will need to consume 3,500 calories.

Step 2

Include healthy sources of fat such as avocado, nuts, mackerel, salmon, tuna and sardines in your diet. These are dense in calories and nutrients that give strength and stamina.

Step 3

Drink a lot of fluid, especially juices. Fruits juices that are high in calories and nutritional value should hit the top in your list of healthy drinks for weight gain. Protein shakes are part of other high calorie beverages.

Step 4

Choose healthy and high calorie snacks. Yoghurt, mixed nuts and fruits with heavy cream can help in adding extra calories in your diet, thereby inducing weight gain.

Step 5

Add cheese in your diet to increase the number of calories in your meals. You may add grated cheese, veggies and eggs in your diet to gain weight. Make sure that you choose the ingredients wisely.

Step 6

Engage in weight training exercises because they help in building muscle mass. Take out time for strength training workouts at least three times in a week. Because weight training exercises require expending of a lot of energy, you are likely to feel hungry as soon as your work out session is over. The best part of working out is that it works up the metabolism, thereby making the body absorb the nutrients better and faster than usual.

Step 7

Increase the number of meals you eat. You may choose to eat light meals a couple of times throughout the day to ensure that you never go hungry craving for food. Light frequent meals also help the body to absorb the nutrients from the food better.


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