For body servicing go to a spa

Updated at: Sep 23, 2010
 For body servicing go to a spa

The very idea of a spa takes you to a fantasy world filled with peace, where you let your mind, body as well as soul relax completely.

 Paroma Bhattacharya
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Paroma Bhattacharya Published at: Sep 23, 2010

The very idea of a spa takes you to a fantasy world filled with peace, where you let your mind, body as well as soul relax completely.


In the harried times that we live in, the need for a spa treatment is felt immensely. People are thronging to spas to restore their health as well as beauty.
Talking of spa treatments, there are many kinds of them. They are not only refreshing, but also have multiple health fitness benefits. "It's not only about a massage for pleasure but there is much more to it. Spa is also for fitness. In fact, certain steam baths help you reduce weight and make you fit and confident," says Parvati, a  massage expert.

Different Types of Spa Treatments:

Destination Spa
Destination spa is designed to rejuvenate you at all levels, providing you with mind and body fitness while making you indulge in healthy eating and ensuring complete relaxation. It's not a one-day experience; rather it gives you a chance to lose yourself in a beautiful world for two to three nights, where no troubles and tensions may chase you.

Resort Spa

Resort spa can be described as hotel amenities meant for comfort and convenience of tourists. It mainly offers spa services along with fitness classes and typical spa cuisine. It is perfect for business travellers and families.

Day Spa

A day spa offers spa treatments on a single day basis. Some people go to a day spa for manicures and pedicures, while others prefer it for facials and body massages.

Health Spa

Health spas basically focus on ensuring the overall wellbeing of a person. Usually located at a very peaceful place, a health spa provides you expert advice from health practitioners.

Medical Spa

Medical spa concentrates mainly on cosmetic treatments, such as laser resurfacing and Botox injections, though it does have spa treatments as well. All the treatments are given under the supervision of a doctor.

Mineral Springs Spa

As the name suggests, a mineral springs spa makes use of natural mineral, thermal or seawater for providing hydrotherapy treatments to spa users.

There are many spa showrooms across the city which receives special recommendations in summers and help the people refresh in the scorching heat of May and June. A few of the names are:

  • Satya Skin, Hair & Laser Clinic:- 
  • Perfect Skin Centre:-
  • Ayurveda Massage Centre:-
  • Dr. Charu Sharma's Cosmetic Surgery & Plastic Surgery Clinic:-
  • Nirvana - Corbet Resorts/ Nirvana Hospitalities Pvt. Ltd. :-
  • Ag medipharm:- 
  • Aloe Vera, Noida:-
  • Derma Cure Skin & Hair Clinic




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