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Foods that Cause Type 2 Diabetes

Updated at: Nov 01, 2012
Written by: Gunjan RastogiPublished at: Oct 31, 2012
Foods that Cause Type 2 Diabetes

Even if you have been diagnosed with pre-diabetic condition, you can still prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes by avoiding the foods that increase its risk.

To prevent type 2 diabetes, it’s important that you watch your weight and be careful about what you eat. Foods that are high on sugar or are fatty can cause insulin sensitivity thus triggering type 2 diabetes. Listed here are the types of foods that you need to avoid to keep the risk of diabetes at bay.


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Fat-rich Meat and Fish

Some varieties of meat and fish are naturally rich in fat and laden with more calories and fats when fried. These foods include bacon, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, fried eggs, meat sandwiches, fried fish sandwich and submarine sandwiches and burgers. Gorging frequently or too much on these items lead to accumulation of fat in your body which results in unwanted weight gain. If you are binging on more calories than what you need, you will surely put on weight, thus triggering type 2 diabetes.


Sugary Foods

Sugar does not directly cause diabetes, but excess consumption influences your blood sugar level. Sugar is a carbohydrate and when you consume excess of carb, it forces your pancreas to produce higher amount of insulin to flush out glucose from the bloodstream.  Due to this, your blood glucose level drops down and you start experiencing frequent hunger pangs (your cravings for sugary items also increase). Subsequently, the excess of sugar gets stored in your body in the form of fat and causes weight gain. The fat makes your body system resistant to insulin, due to which your glucose levels go for a toss. If you’re genetically predisposed or are overweight, watch out your sugar intake. Keep sweets, chocolates and cookies out of your sight.



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Carbonated Sodas

 If you are a cola/soda person, just be careful about the amount you consume. Not only carbonated drinks have higher sugar content, they are equally rich in calories. 12 -oz of a carbonated drink includes almost 140 calories. If you indulge too much or too often in colas/sodas, you are putting yourself at the risk of type 2 diabetes. Carbonated beverages have empty calories, thus do not add anything to the nutrient level of your body.


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Refined Foods

Refined or processed grain products are low on nutritional and fiber content, but have equivalent calories of whole grain foods. Processed foods are also dense in saturated and trans-fatty acids, therefore, should be avoided. For type 2 diabetes prevention, avoid white bread, buns, bakery items such as pastries, cookies and cakes, polished rice and low-fiber cereal.

Along with dietary modifications, it is also important to exercise regularly to prevent developing diabetic condition.



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