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Food for Lung Cancer Patients

Updated at: Jul 20, 2012
Written by: Gunjan RastogiPublished at: Jul 20, 2012
Food for Lung Cancer Patients

Food for Lung Cancer Patients must be low on saturated fats and high on proteins and other essential nutrients.

Lung cancer treatment reduces the patient’s appetite in spite of the increased need of additional strength to fight the inroads of lung cancer.  Take a look at the list of foods that a lung cancer patient may include in his/her diet:

Whole Grains

Whole grains are a better option for lung cancer patient than refined grains. Whole grains are rich in protein, fibre and micronutrients  such as zinc, iron, vitamins and calcium. Foods high on iron and zinc are beneficial for reducing the severity of lung cancer symptoms, says the University of Maryland Medical Center. Fibre present in whole grains facilitates the removal of body waste.  


Some fruits have cancer killing properties, i.e. theycontrol the growth of the cancerous cells. Lung cancer patients can eat raw pineapple, which contains bromelain and peroxidise. Whole purple grapes, which are rich in ellagic acid, oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC) or pycnogenol (seeds), resveratrol, laetrile (amygdalin or Vitamin B17) (seeds), beta-carotene, caffeic acid gallic acid and many other cancer killing nutrients are good for stopping the spread of lung cancer. Apricot seeds, blueberries, raspberries and beetroot are excellent fruits to fight lung cancer.


Like fruits, vegetables also have cancer-killing properties. Raw vegetables are good for strengthening the immune system  as well stopping the cancerous cells from multiplying.. However, not all vegetables can cure lung cancer. There are some vegetables, which are potent enough to treat cancer. Other than consuming the whole raw vegetable, you can drink their juices too.

Raw carrots and raw cabbage can halt the growth of pre-cancerous cells, stopping them from becoming lethal.. Green and leafy veggies include sulforaphane that aids in producing increased level of phase II enzymes, which are responsible for elimination of carcinogens from cells. Onion and garlic also reduce the production of cancer-causing agents.

Fish, Lean Meat and Eggs Whites

A Lung cancer patient is allowed to treat himself with average portion of lean meat forms and egg whites as these are rich protein sources. According to American Cancer Society, cancer sufferers need more amount of proteins than normal people need. Low protein in the body can possibly delay the healing of lung cancer. Lung cancer patients can feel free to eat extra-lean ground beef, egg salad made with hardboiled egg whites, vegetable omelettes and skinless poultry.

Fish foods, especially cold-water fishes, such as salmon, tuna and sardines provide essential omega-3 fatty acids with good amount of protein to reduce cancer related inflammation and strengthen immune system.

From a list of beverages, a lung cancer patient may be allowed to drink green tea, which is a rich antioxidant source; it is believed that green tea is 500 times more potent than other vitamin C sources and quite successfully disrupts the spread of lung cancer.

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