Follow-up after Kidney Cancer Treatment

Updated at: May 10, 2012
Follow-up after Kidney Cancer Treatment

Follow-ups after kidney cancer treatment are needed to check for any signs of disease reoccurrence. These checkups are necessary for overall recovery process of kidney cancer.

Aparna Mir
CancerWritten by: Aparna MirPublished at: Apr 16, 2012

Follow up after Kidney Cancer TreatmentRegular checkups are necessary after a person is finished with the kidney cancer treatment. These checkups ensure that the patient is recovering properly after the treatment. This will keep the doctor updated about the patient’s health condition. Follow ups depend significantly on the type of treatment and its technique.

Follow up after kidney cancer treatment depends on the level of disease reoccurrence. People who are in early stage of kidney cancer need less follow up visits than people in advanced kidney cancer stage. After the treatment, follow ups are recommended within three months. Later, the follow up time is increased to six months for three years. After three years, follow ups are done once in a year.

During follow up, the doctor asks questions regarding your problems. He may ask the patient to undergo X-ray and scans to look for any signs of recurrent cancer. Kidney cancer treatment has its own side effects. A person should be aware of the cancer treatment side effects before the treatment. This is the time to discuss about any such side effects that a person observes and clear his doubts.

After a kidney cancer surgery, you have to undergo routine physical examinations and blood tests. A CT scan is recommended within four to six months after surgery to check any cancer or tumour formation. People who are at an increased risk of developing the cancer again are advised to go for scans every six months, for two-three years. A complete blood count, ultrasound and bone scan is done during the follow up sessions.

People who have undergone kidney cancer treatment suffer from a lot of emotional turmoil. They need someone with whom they can share their feelings. Nowadays counselling is provided to patients after the cancer treatment. Counselling helps a lot to cope with the aftermath of kidney cancer treatment.

Patients, who have had both their kidneys removed during surgery, are advised to undergo dialysis after every two to three months. Such patients should look for their blood pressure, level of serum-creatinine, urinary protein and rate of glomerular filtration.

People who have gone through kidney cancer treatment are required to follow strict rules to maintain good health. They should maintain healthy weight, eat a balanced diet and perform mild exercises to build their physical strength and energy level. A follow up care is essential to ensure faster recovery and better prognosis after conventional kidney cancer treatment.


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