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Follow the party rules and then say Cheers

Updated at: Jul 28, 2010
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Written by: Priyanka NarulaPublished at: Jul 28, 2010
Follow the party rules and then say Cheers

Here’s how to handle all the masti responsibly All that happiness is incomplete without alcohol and yummy French fries and those cheese laden snacks you devour.

Here’s how to handle all the masti responsibly All that happiness is incomplete without alcohol and yummy French fries and those cheese laden snacks you devour. But do you even know how dangerous it is for you?"I am crazy about the way parties take us to a different world, away from all the tensions and the life that we crave for, a joyous one!" says Deepti, an engineer.


Obviously people love parties but they must also know how to limit the snacks and the drinks they consume.  Enjoy the thrill with self restriction Psychatrist Meera Dewan says, "For people who are busy in their work the whole week, they need to hang out and take a break from the usual hectic schedule. Most of them find it a good way to vent out the stress. But in all this, they inculcate habits that ought to affect them in the long run. Once smoke or drink habit sets in, the tendency grows more and more towards the same which is harmful for health."  Enjoy the thrill but at least know what is good for you and what you can do to prevent the bad points. "Even if you don't smoke in a party, you indirectly get affected. Smoking damages the heart by inculcating blockages that lead to acute heart attacks and sudden clot formation in the body.


Also the food is full of cholesterol. When smoke and cholesterol is taken in a limited quantity, it is okay, but when it exceeds the limit, then you may be at risk," says Dr Balbir Singh, chairman, Cardiology, Medanta Medicity Hospital.  Avoid holiday heart syndrome "Excessive consumption of diet drugs like ephedrine, cold remedies, excessive caffeine, nicotine and alcohol may lead to Holiday Heart Syndrome, a disease that generally occurs when we take a break from our normal restraints and overdo it. Overindulgence in certain behaviours can lead the heart to speed up and become irregular, give us chest discomfort, throw blood clots to the coronary arteries, brain and even cause death," adds Dr Balbir. Don't miss the fun!


Here are some techniques suggested by Dr Singh for you to be a cool but intelligent party animal

  • Have roasted and deep fried dry fruits like peanuts, cashew nuts and other roasted nuts with alcohol. 
  • Go in for more fresh fruits and salads in your daily routine so as to overcome alcohol effects and smoking disadvantages.  
  • Avoid extra salty or spicy food to keep your heart healthy. 
  • Soft drinks add on to more calories as it contains sweet sugar. Substitute clear soda and diet coke with the usual soft drinks. 
  • 90 ml of alcohol, i.e. 3 small pegs of wine/ 2 glasses of wine, will be a moderate amount and less likely to affect you. 
  • Intake of soft drinks can be half or 3/4th of a glass or else diet coke is recommended. 
  • Exercise is the evergreen medicine to prevent any disease likely to affect your outer or inner body. 
  • The right and balanced diet is a must to keep problems at bay. 
  • Yoga reduces almost 1/3rd of the chances of occurrence of a disease. 

So, taking a break from the usual routine is a must and partying is the first choice that acts as a stress-buster. Follow the three basic fundas - meditation, exercising and right diet. Learn the facts; follow a healthy lifestyle and then say 'cheers' for a happy and healthy life.




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