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Fizzy Drinks can be Lethal

Latest By Agency News , Agency News / Aug 16, 2013
Fizzy Drinks can be Lethal

A new study has revealed that three cans of fizzy drinks a day can knock off years of your life.

Fizzy drinks may be unhealthfulA study at the University of Utah has demonstrated the adverse effects of added sugars at human-relevant levels. The added sugar consumed at concentrations is currently considered safe exerts dramatic adverse impacts on mammalian health.

According to a toxicity test developed at the University of Utah, in which mice ate a diet of 25 per cent extra sugar - equivalent of a healthy human diet plus three cans of soda daily, females died at twice the normal rate and males were a quarter less likely to hold territory and reproduce.

The study shows that the 25 per cent "added-sugar" diet - 12.5 per cent dextrose (the industrial name for glucose) and 12.5 per cent fructose - was just as harmful to the health of mice as being the inbred offspring of first cousins. The study's first author, James Ruff, said that the mice didn't become obese and showed few metabolic symptoms, but sensitive test showed mice died more often and tended to have fewer babies.

The research appeared online in the journal Nature Communications.



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