5 Tips to increase your intuition

Updated at: Jan 19, 2017
5 Tips to increase your intuition

Life is full of ups and downs and you often do face situations when you need to take important decisions. However, a lot of confusion accompanies every decision. You can learn to follow your intuition to make taking important decisions worthwhile.

Meenakshi Chaudhary
Mind BodyWritten by: Meenakshi ChaudharyPublished at: Jan 19, 2017

We often experience confusion and reluctance while taking important decisions on changing jobs, breaking up with a romantic partner, deciding what to have for dinner or what to wear for a party. It does not matter how important your decision is. Every decision you make plays a part in changing your life for good or bad. Our health, wealth, success and happiness are all a result of choices we make in our lives. This is when your intuition can help you. But, most of us either have a poor sense of intuition or fail to understand it. If you are wondering about ways to improve your intuition, here are some effective tips. But, let's first understand what intuition actually is.




What is intuition?

We are often told to follow our intuition when choosing a new path in life. But, have you ever wondered, what it actually means or how are you supposed to do it? Won’t it be amazing if we had a deep voice of clarity or strong gut instinct every time we have to make a decision? But sadly, we often face millions of conflicting thoughts, feeling, fears, social influences and past experiences. Such brash inner voices often override the inner knowing that we all have on some level.




The “true self”’ channel

Instead of achieving clarity of mind, we often find ourselves more confused than ever as if we are tuned in to several radio stations at once and can’t hear anything clearly. In the middle of so many voices, your intuition or what you may also call your personal inner GPS is lost and you have to find a way to reach it. And it all starts by tuning to your true self channel. And here are five simple tips to get in touch with your inner GPS or intuition.


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Suppose that you are directly connected to your true self channel with the help of an antenna. The antenna is straight when your mind is clear and sends you guidance and inspiration.  On the other hand, when there is a flood of thoughts, the antennae bends, making it unable to send you the best possible solution. Regular practise of stillness and silence even for just 10 minutes helps to keep the antenna straight. Sit straight and close your eyes. Focus on your breath as you inhale and exhale. Meditate every day to strengthen your intuition power.





Not everyone finds it easy to write a journal every day, but the benefits of writing one are huge.  If you are a beginner to journaling, you may at first feel like you are just making it up. But, you don’t have to create a masterpiece. You just need to write every day to get into the swing of it; so, start by thinking small. Writing a journal takes time and practice, but it is one of the most powerful ways that you can use to tap into your intuition.



Stay in the present and trust yourself

You are bending your antenna by holding on to your past or worrying about the future. You can neither change the past nor control the future. But, you can control your actions, reactions and perceptions right here and right now. Living in the present not only affects your emotional well–being, but it also impacts your physical and mental health.

You can bring any goal into being if you have the right attitude and trust in yourself. You have to make a choice whether to believe in yourself or let yourself be stuck with self-doubt. Get into the practice of asking yourself what it is that feels right to do at the very moment.


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Feel your feelings

Feeling frustrated, angry and numb? All of such emotions indicate that your true self and intuition is trying to communicate with you. Don’t suppress these emotional messengers, but instead try to understand what they are trying to tell you.       



Listen to your inner voice

Your intuition is communicating with you constantly, but you may be ignoring it. Trust your inner gut and see what happens when you follow its prompts!



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