5 Kettlebell Workouts You Must Try to Get Stronger

Updated at: Feb 25, 2018
5 Kettlebell Workouts You Must Try to Get Stronger

Hitting the gym is on everyone’s itinerary these days, but are they all doing the right way?

Arka Roy Chowdhury
Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Jul 20, 2017

Hitting the gym is on everyone’s itinerary these days, but are they all doing the right way? Amidst all the exercises and machines, there is the one Kettlebell, which is gaining much popularity these days. Kettlebell workouts can come as a revelation to gym aficionados, but the truth is that kettlebell exercises are nothing new. 

This is, in fact, an old sport which was practised by Russian farmers. They were used as a weight for crops, but eventually became a major method of strength training and working out. Full body kettlebell workout is not a myth, yes you can do it all with the modest looking kettle bell, but the main thing here, much like every exercise, is to do the right thing, the correct way.

Kettlebell workouts help your workout in all possible way, in other words, you are working towards cardiovascular, and as well as muscle endurance.

Kettlebell Lean

A pretty challenging exercise, this kettlebell workout uses momentum in order to move the kettlebell from a swing into a rack position, where your elbow rests on your hipbone. This requires some practice of course, and one of the most common mistakes is using the bicep to lift the kettlebell, much like the concentration curl. It is important to remember that the lesser you feel your biceps involved and the less painful it feels while it lands into the rack position. This also means that you are doing it right. 

Kettlebell Snatch

A good exercise to include in your kettlebell workout routines is the Kettlebell Snatch. This exercise works on your shoulder to a great degree, while also being a splendid full body kettlebell workout. The exercise requires momentum and of course swing, which needs to be mastered.  The exercise requires you to move your working hand’s shoulder and working sides hip backwards while transferring the body's load to the other side. This will encourage you to lift the kettlebell overhead with ease. 

Kettlebell Swing, Clean, and Push Press

Remember the barbell clean and press? This is the kettlebell version of it! This one is a deal breaker, as it is something very useful for the entire body, so yes, it is a full body kettlebell workout. Doing a push press, you learn to take advantage of your kinetic chain to dip and push vertically upwards so you could do this heavy load with much ease. You would require two kettlebells for this, one on either hand. A kettlebell is lighter than most heavy objects one may carry; the joint action of the push press would be the same, and your legs would be challenged to endurance. 

Kettlebell Swing

A basic for kettlebell workout routines, the swing is very effective and equally important. The swing that you do in this case would involve the movement of your hips, an action of hip flexion and also hip extension. This exercise is good for you because it strengthens your entire posterior chain, from calves to your upper back. Breathing plays a very important role in all of the body exercises, so you should exhale when at the bottom, and on the top while swinging. 

Turkish Getup

This one exercise is a powerhouse, as it brings together concentration, stability, mobility, balance, and core strength. A terrific kettlebell workout, this starts with you lying down on the floor, as your one arm is extended upwards balancing kettlebell, as your one knee remains bent. Here you need to stabilise the kettlebell and stand up, without actually losing your balance. Then repeat this exercise in reverse.

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