5 Foods that will Help you Grow Muscles Faster than Supplements

Updated at: May 01, 2018
5 Foods that will Help you Grow Muscles Faster than Supplements

Diet Plans - The 5 top muscle boosting foods include chicken, clams, lamb, turkey and other poultry foods. However, if you are a vegeterain, then the top muscle boosting foods for you should be walnuts, tofu, cheese, and pink lentils.

Mansi Kohli
Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Mansi KohliPublished at: Jul 17, 2017

Protein is an essential nutrient that is imperative for your health. Protein comprises of chains of amino acids that are used by our bodies to cultivate muscles, hair, nails, skin and internal organs. Here are top 5 vegetarian and non-vegetarian muscle boosters.

We chit-chat about protein at length; be it in our social gatherings or at our long-standing neighbourhood street talks. And all so for its super-excellent uses - it helps in buarning fat, it is one of the fastest known ways to build muscles and it also helps you in getting the body you want!

So, here we have chalked down your definitive need of protein, revealing exactly how much protein content in a particular food item does how much good for your diet plan:

All these foods have been mentioned according to their protein content (from highest to lowest).

Non-vegetarian muscle boosters

Meat, poultry and seafood

Animal protein contains the lowest amount of saturated fat content, serving around 0.5 gm of fat per 100 gm. They help you in providing energy which is much needed while training for your muscles and also acts as a protective shield against cramps.

What to eat along with it?

The institute of food research has found that eating selenium-rich foods such as broccoli makes a meal 13 times more powerful and it also helps in fighting against cancer.

Clams and other molluscs

Clams are full of vitamin b12 and one serving of it in a day will keep you away from digestion problems, keeping your nervous system healthy. This helps in augmenting post-exercise recovery and diminishes stiffness.

What to eat along with it?

It is best to eat clams and molluscs along with tomatoes, as the vitamin C present in them assists in absorbing iron.


Just two chops of lamb in a day will provide you with your much needed routine of vitamin B12 which will not only help you in training or exercising longer for a considerable period of time, but will also prove to be a solid source of zinc.

What to eat along with it?

Cruciferous vegetables which belong to the cabbage the family are known to increase the body’s ability to detoxify.

Chicken Breasts

One large breast will provide you with your daily needed niacin, which will help in keeping your nervous system healthy. It is not only an excellent-source of omega 3 fatty acids, but is also low in saturated fat content and also helps in weight management.

What to eat along with it?

Experts recommend having chicken soups and breasts which help in releasing your airways while exercising.


Experts are of the opinion that turkey contains around 30gm of protein. Doctors suggest that turkey is rich in tryptophan. It helps in sleeping better which is an important part of any training programme.

What to eat along with it?

One should consume carbohydrates along with turkey such as breads or pasta. This is because the carbohydrates will help your brain absorb the tryptophan, where it is utilised in manufacturing the feel-good chemical “serotonin”.

Vegetarian Muscle Boosters


Doctors suggest that tofu will provide you with enough manganese for your body. This helps in providing the much needed energy to your bones. Tofu also contains 24 gms of unsaturated fat also known as “good” fat which helps in speeding up post-exercise recovery levels.

What to eat along with it?

Vegetable soup works best when is combined with tofu. It helps in accelerating flavours without any preservative-filled seasoning.

Low-sodium Parmesan Cheese

The protein in parmesan cheese takes only 45 minutes to digest and cheese is also full of calcium.

What to eat along with it?

Doctors suggest that one tends to eat more of healthy food along with parmesan cheese. One must eat diced raw vegetables along with it, such as carrots, cucumber and beans.

Pink Lentils

Pink lentils are rich in fibre and manganese and are a great source of iron too. They also help in keeping your metabolism high and aid in accelerating weight loss.

What to eat along with it?

It is best when eaten with with sausages and mashed potatoes.


Just a handful of walnuts will help you in recovering from wear and tear caused during exercise, according to doctors. They are also an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids.

What to eat along with it?

Any food when combined with walnuts will assist you in maintaining the elasticity of your arteries.

Nutritionists suggest that if you are training to get a lean body and prefect muscles, you must aim at consuming one gram of protein per half kilogram of body weight each day. And if you are aiming at bulking up, increase that up to 2 grams each day.

So, the next time you go to your super market in order to shop for these protein-rich foods, you know they will not only add to your muscles but will also help you in looking and feeling good!

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