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First night Tips to make it Memorable

Snr By Arka Roy Chowdhury , Onlymyhealth editorial team / May 09, 2013
First night Tips to make it Memorable

First night sex can be a nerve wrecking experience, but you need to be focused and keep calm. The pressure that you feel should be released when you are in each other's arms.

First night Tips to make it memorable

After the first date, the insatiable urge to meet, the looks into each other’s eyes, the romantic strolls on the sidewalks of soft summer days, you finally get married, and then comes the first night of lovemaking. This is certainly a very tensing and nervous time for the new couple, and you would want to make it perfect, the first time should always be perfect.

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So before you get jitters and performance anxiety you should realise that your first night should exemplify your true passion and affection for each other. Playing it well is very important and so we have brought to you some tips for your first night of sex with your special one so to make it memorable.

Start Light

Do not just pounce at each other and start making out, you will just ruin things. You will have to understand that there are steps to making love, starting it this way will only make you feel absurd and weird by the end of it. Therefore, you should start it all with flirting by talking about each other, looking into each other’s eyes, holding hands, and basically setting the mood for your first sexual encounter. Remember to be tender.

Don’t get Fancy

If this is your first night after marriage, then you can stick to traditions and try not getting too fancy too soon. Stay in your bridal wear and take things forward from here itself, the lingerie and sexy night gowns can wait for some other time. A man likes to see his bride in the bridal wear, and it is equally exciting for the woman to see her man in the same. Do not spoil this excitement by bringing in western fancies.

Don’t Experiment

This is your first time with your new partner and sex can be very exciting, but you will have to relax, keep a control on your emotions. Trying new things can be fun, but you ought to wait for the right time. For now you will have to take it easy and try to make your partner comfortable, this is priority. Do not give your partner a very negative feeling in the first time itself.

Foreplay is important

Go close to your partner and nibble her ears lobes, kiss the neck and go slow. Foreplay is very important, the entire act of sex is allowed to build up with foreplay and then you proceed to the intercourse. Do not over think too much, just be relaxed and stay focused.

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Switch off the Gadgets

For once you could switch off your gadgets and concentrate on the need of the hour, and that is love making. Forget the phones and the laptops, let them be shut for this night, make your partner the priority and make sure you devote your night to him or her. Constant phones and messages can ruin things.

The best tip anyone can ever give you is to be yourself and be confident, relax your nerves and be calm. You don’t have to be sex god or goddess, just be yourself.

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