First Date Conversation Tips for Men

Updated at: Jul 12, 2012
First Date Conversation Tips for Men

First Date Conversation Tips for Men - To strike a conversation on a first date for men may be difficult. Surprisingly, it is not as difficult as you think. Here are first date conversation tips for men.

Bhadra Kamalasanan
DatingWritten by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Mar 29, 2012

First Date Conversation

A first date for a man is as nerve-racking as it is for a woman, but sadly, the men are expected to contribute more to it to make it special. The first thing that you must prioritise before you get to plan the date is deciding what to talk about. Here are a few first date conversation tips for men.


Avoid Pricking her Past

When you are sitting opposite to a prospective girlfriend, avoid talking about her past. In fact, pick it up only when she does it herself. Start with a clean slate. You sure do not want to comfort her or get chummy about her past on the first date. Focus on the goal of the date.

Talk Siblings

There is a decent chance that your date has divorced or separated parents; therefore, asking about parents will probably trigger grief-stricken feelings. Besides, asking about siblings will show that you are interested to know more about her and her family.


Talk Travels

Get your date interested by talking about places she has been to or would like to go to in the future. When she tells you about places she wants to go to, surprise her by saying that you would love to take her there someday. Talking about places one has been to and would like to travel to helps the other person know about his/her openness to adventures and cultural background.


Talk Drinks and Food

An appropriate topic of discussion, especially if you are on a date in a restaurant or bar is talking about drinks or food that your date likes or dislikes. This will help both of you to not only know the culinary preferences you share but also have endless topics to converse on.


Talk Hobbies

Talk about things that she likes to spend time doing. If she says she likes dancing, ask her what kind and where she dances. In fact, you can earn yourself a grace point (if you are a good dancer) and ask her to join you for a ball or club dance someday.


Talk Weekend

Ask her what she does on weekends. That itself would give her the idea that you would like to meet her on a weekend. Even if that is not what you had in your mind, you will only give yourself the opportunity to produce potential topics for discussion.

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