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Fighting Depression after Leukaemia Diagnosis

Updated at: Aug 27, 2012
Written by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Aug 27, 2012
Fighting Depression after Leukaemia Diagnosis

Fighting depression after leukaemia diagnosis – How can you get over depression after having diagnosed with leukaemia? Here are the tips for patients to fight depression and remain upbeat.

After being diagnosed with leukaemia, your life will never be like it was before. Thinking about leukaemia and getting into a depressive mode or to bring fearful emotion is not the way. Initial sadness of having affected could become a more serious concern, i.e., depression. [Read: Tips to Beat Depression]

Here is how a patient can gain control over their life changing situation after having diagnosed.

Coping with Leukaemia Diagnosis


  • If you are diagnosed with leukemia you will be flooded with many questions such as whether you will be able to survive, what will be the impact of disease on their life or how will it burden their family. Dealing with such a depressive state after being diagnosed with leukaemia is not an easy task. Rather than waiting for the side-effects to start affecting your life, you must learn about coping and try to do your best along with health care staff.
  • Preparation is the key to cope, so it is time to seek professional help. Get advice to manage the stress of leukaemia so that behaviour does not hinder the recovery. As far as family relations are concerned, talk to them about your discomfort and help you for meals. They will be more than happy to offer help. [Read: How Depression Affects your Eating]
  • Psychological counselling, medication or its combination is another way of fighting depression. Pursuing a therapy usually helps patients with mild depression, while individuals with moderate or severe depression are usually prescribed anti-depressants for mood revival.
  • Lack of activity will further sink you in the depressive state. Stay active to the extent possible, making a schedule that has several physicaly activities throughout the day. A daily walk will also help. [Read: How Exercise helps Fight Depression]
  • Staying in touch with your friends and family will make sure that depression is not feeding on you. If you don’t feel like sharing how you feel with near ones, consider joining a support group. Listen to other leukaemia patients and how they are dealing with the condition. You should realise that your contribution in the support group will help others besides helping you.
  • Engage in the activities you’ve always loved, be it sports, watching movies or practising yoga.

When you are depressed, it may seem that nothing will bring you back to normal. There is not surety that the aforementioned strategies will get you out of troubles, but it may give you relief from sadness for a brief while. However, if your depressive state is giving you a thumbs down, you need to visit a doctor who can help you figure out additional steps for a specific treatment you may need.


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